Happy New Year

2014.... Already.
 To kick things off for the new year, I kicked everything off my bulletin board.
It was a little like ripping a band-aid off, at first.  Thought about it and thought about it, then R I P - everything had to go.
 Not sure what to do with it now but I'm LOVING the clean slate. 
New Year = new goals, new inspiration, new calender, new to-do list, new ideas.
Can't wait to get going -Bring it on 2014, I'm ready.

Decking the Halls

Busy, Busy, Busy right?  So much to do, and  decking the halls is my favorite part.  Put on some Christmas music and sprinkle magic all around.  (Most patient Jewish husband EVER)
This year I've been lucky to have some live Christmas Carols in the house.  Now this is band rehearsal that I can really get into. (btw - this is their high school not my house... )
Boy2 on bass.  Merry Christmas Everyone!

Paper Snowflakes Tutorial

To know me is to know that I make a mean paper snowflake.
Some might say I'm a little nutty about them.
I learned how to make a 6-sided snowflake as a girl and have made oodles of them since. Sometimes I even make cool designs in them like coyotes, ballerinas, Yodas, flowerpots....it's endless really.

Here is a little tutorial on how to do it - Happy Cutting!!

Little Pitcher

8x8" Little Pitcher with Fall Hydrangeas  $200

The "To-Do" list is huge this week.  Making fresh paintings came off till next weekend.  I will be posting some little oldies though.  This one is a favorite - not my usual subject or style but the colors are pleasing and who doesn't love hydrangeas?  As I recall one of my sons asked me to show him how I paint a portrait and without having anyone around to paint, I painted this little pitcher which was on my mantle.  So it's got a sweet little memory attached to it.  

Plus it looks kinda Thanksgiving-y.

Artists for Save the Bay

I've got 4 paintings in this show.  Great art for a great cause....

The original Artists For the Bay Show & Sale Is Back (and tax free!)

The Opening Reception on December 5 features more than 45 local artists highlighting over 175 pieces of art and jewelry at the Save The Bay Center's Providence Journal Charitable Foundation Gallery – and all tax free!  A portion of the proceeds benefit Save The Bay.  Artists' works include a variation of mediums, styles, and subject matter. 

Tickets include food, wine, beer, coffee and stunning art in a festive setting overlooking Rhode Island's greatest natural resource, Narragansett Bay. Attendees will also receive a coupon for a free appetizer at Hemenway's Restaurant. 
Ticket Price: $30 

Giving it a whirl -again - Debbie Miller

"Twirl" 30x30 oil on panel $2700

Hello.   This is my twirl girl.  Remember that?  Just twirling around for the fun of it.  You got dizzy and laughed out loud. I don't know about you but I could use some more twirling for the fun of it in my life.

So anyhoo - I feel like blogging again - not just the popping in every now and then kind but making friends with my blog and the whole process of "blogging" again - It's alot, this posting paintings - all the steps it takes to get an image on the screen - not to mention the ACTUAL painting process!
  It's also in a way relaxing and focuses me to the task at hand.  I've been hanging out with my friend Leigh over at allcreativelike.com and some other rockin creatives- we're getting our money mojo on and through the process of the class, I've realized that I miss my blog. 

 Hello blog - giving it a whirl again...and maybe a twirl too, you know- for fun.

Nice to see you!

Thank you to all who came out to last weeks Art Night!  
We had a lot of fun - so much fun that were talking about painting again at next months Art Night - which Ill be featured artist in the 30 Cutler St Gallery.  
More info to come ...  
Here is a picture of Rob with his finished portrait in front of some of his gorgeous paintings 

Art Night

Got plans for this Thursday night? Come to the 30 Cutler St. Gallery (30 Cutler St, Warren RI) during this weeks Warren/Bristol Art Night and watch me and my very talented artist friends PAINT!  Plus see some of our past portraits in person and also enjoy the work of Potter David Harrington.

That's right. Live. And In Person.  Artists painting in their natural habitat.  July 25, 5-9.

 All the cool kids will be there.  Some of the artists painting will be Rob Rey, Kerry Smith, Kathy Weber and more!  Also on display will be some portraits painted by Kate Huntington who is the talented artist who started this portrait group 20 yrs ago!

Copley Society - new member!

So - I HAVE been painting - I know you think I haven't but some things have gotten done in the studio lately.
It has been a busy early summer actually -

Happily I can report that I have been accepted as an artist member to the Copley Society of Art in Boston
Truly honored.  Eons ago, as a young college art student, I remember standing on Newbury St. thinking "Some Day..."  and now that day is here.  ...as soon as I pay my dues.

 You can check them out HERE

Swimmers 3 - Debbie Miller oil painting

30x30 more swimmers - I just can't get enough.  Really today is a very "office-y"  kind of day. *yawn*  Lot's of computer work.  During breaks, I'm working on a couple of paintings.

I don't know, maybe its the paint fumes, maybe it's the long hours in front of the computer but it struck me as funny to see this strategically placed window ...

Swimmers,Debbie Miller

24x48 oil on canvas
Swimmers - hmmmm,  I know there is a better title here somewhere, it just hasn't come to me yet.  Sometimes while painting a title comes to mind right away, in the very early stages of painting.
I like when that happens.

So while pondering titles,  I'm gearing up to paint some more of these swimmers  - 48x48 and larger -

edit:  this painting "the Long Wait" is available at www.eisenhauergallery.com

artist Kate Huntington openings

 My friend Kate Huntington is part of 2 shows opening this weekend - check them out if you are in the area

At the Copley Society in Boston the "Fine Arts Work Center Fellows" opens on Thursday, May 16th and continues through June 19th. It's a 5 person show consisting of  recipients of the FAWC award in Provincetown from the past 5 years. Kate received this award (a month in P-Town including apt. and studio) in Sept. 2012.
The following night on May 17th and a little closer to home, painter Mark Freedman and Kate will be having an opening at the Dryden Gallery at Providence Picture Frame.  Mary Ann Rossoni, a fantastic musician (and painter to boot) will be performing with her band the Rossonians. This should prove to be a "be there or be square" kind of opening. Check them out!

Daisy - figurative painting,Debbie Miller

 In honor of Mothers Day, here is one of my ladies - big oil on canvas (I need to measure but I think its 30x40)  I love painting these, it is all fun - from start to finish and they just emerge from the canvas

My Mothers day stated off like this:

 and ended like this:
with a little dose of love from the boys (human and dog) in between.  Can't complain about that.

a quick road trip coming up soon - exciting news- I'll share soon. 

Up Next

30x30 oil on panel
nfs Sometimes you just have to do what you love - what speaks to you, what moves you - actually when it comes to painting it should be what you do all the time - it is easy to get off track, to worry about what everyone thinks, to try and please everyone.
 This has been the monster I've been fighting for a while now.
  Until now, until I got back in the studio and just painted - for ME, for the love of painting, for the escape, for the meditation, for THE FUN OF IT. 
TAH_DAH!  painting is fun again and I've got a secret I'll share with you soon about this painting and some of her friends.  stay tuned

Beach Scene1-pink hoodie,framed,Debbie Miller

6x6" oil on panel in silver frame $200
It is FINALLY nice out!!  Hooray!  I think I might actually thaw out now after the deep freeze.
Some little paintings just got back to me from a gallery.  They are in frames and I've decided to offer them up here for sale.  Great gifts - ready to go! 

March Beach 2, daily painting,landscape,plein air, Debbie Miller

6x6" oil on panel
#2 - oh hello little little beach plein air. - so painting outside when it's 38 degrees IS possible but you better be quick!  my fingers were getting cold.  The simplicity of this one is what I like - plus I LOVE this color palette right now...this would be great BIG - like 30x30 or more- above a couch.  Don't you think?
(It is a little more subdued in person)

March beach, plein air, Debbie Miller

6x6" oil on panel
 Today is my teaching day - so no painting today.  But last week, I got to the beach and did a couple of quick plein air paintings.  It was 38 degrees and a little windy but I managed.  The above painting was my first.  Tomorrow I'll post the second I did - quicker and more simple - but I like it.
 my supervisor and my set up.  Sat in the sand with my box.  My french easel broke plus it was a little too windy.

Sitting in the Morning Sun - pink,figure,abstract,debbie miller

24"x30" acrylic on panel

 Playing with acrylics today - my painting is turning a corner, evolving, changing.  This more abstract direction is challenging and fun.
 Makes we want to hurry up and paint- more more more - just to see where this takes me.
   It's something to be excited about - bigger-bolder-freer.

 Still holding on to the figure, perhaps a little too tightly.  Let me tell you - this way of painting is not easy! - it is hard to make it look effortless or the way it is in my mind - that is where the fun comes in.  Switched to acrylic because of the quick dry time as I hope to put a nice thick layer of gloss varnish over the top.

Don't worry the other work - my portraits and beach scenes will still be around but peppered in will be more of these.
in the studio


10x10 oil on panel
painted Jenn tonight. - even without my lucky paintbrush.

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