Happy Dog SOLD

6x8" oil on masonite
Dog Days of Summer. What does that mean?? Anyway, dogs are very fun for me to paint. Ive got bunches of them stored in my photo files and I think I'll paint up some over the summer. Karin Jurik was painting some beautiful ones this spring and I thought well dang I cant paint what she paints...but thats silly isnt it. This is my dog Bode, and to know him is to love him. Thinking about the 4th of July this week and what to paint...I have to start with him. He looks happy because the fireworks havent started yet. When they do, he'll be a wreck.

In the Weeds

6x6" oil on masonite
In the restaurant business there is a great expression for when it is sooo crazy busy. "In the Weeds" or "Weeded" I love that. Right now the weeds in my garden are getting enormous, life is busy with the boys out of school, trying to paint everyday, framing for the gallery and an upcoming street sale and all this computer stuff. I'm 'in the weeds' but its all good.
Thanks to everyone who checks out my little paintings everyday. Ive been to busy to respond to every comment or email but I appreciate them all. For those of you who have asked to purchase...Ive 'saved' the paintings for you and will have my PayPal up by tomorrow.
Whew. Tomorrow is the last day of June and I think I will complete my goal of posting everyday this month. I'll still be painting in July but I think I'll ease up a bit.

Summer Days SOLD

6x8" oil on masonite

Daylilies. My all time favorite perennial. Not necessarily this common variety, but even these are special. So hardy, so reliable and so summery. Whats not to love.

**** Also today I joined the Donovan Gallery in Tiverton, Rhode Island. **** I have passed this gallery on my way to the beach for years and always wanted to have my paintings there. Now I am happy to say, I have that honor and I think it will be a good fit. So If you are in the Tiverton 4Corners area please go in and check them out!

Got Vanilla? SOLD

6x8" oil on masonite SOLD
more 'scenes from my street' except this isnt our street. But it is my niece and it is 'our' icecream place. Gray's Icecream in Tiverton, RI. Best mochachip anywhere :-) She actually has Oreo I think but I made it vanilla for the painting. I like painting these because I like painting people (people watching has always been a favorite thing to do) but also I absolutely love that street color.

peaches 3

6x6" oil on masonite
wow. these are bright. :-) they were on a plate on a chair next to me with a bright spot on them. actually I really like the colors. I had the house to myself this weekend and took the time to paint, visit with friends and family and frame a bunch of paintings for a gallery (more on that later) and we had gorgeous weather. nice. now Ive got to figure out some of this computer stuff...yawn...

Peach Plate

6x8" oil on masonite
Peaches are not only yummy but quite fun to paint. This is my first attempt,there will be more ...if I can keep peaches in the house, my boys eat them faster than I can paint them! I get to use some of my favorite paint colors with peaches - the orange/red side of the wheel and then of course that just calls out for the compliment colors - blue. fun stuff for me. Happy Summer.

3 Berries SOLD

6x8" oil on masonite sold
Great strawberries this year. Hard to not get caught up in all the little seeds and end up with a tight boring painting. I tried to stay loose and not do that. Ive got tons to do this week as we wrap up the school year so these simple subjects are the way to go...

Cool Blue SOLD

6x6" oil on masonite sold
So I got a new tube of cerulean blue, its one of those colors that is soo fun to paint with. I want to get a little thumb box so I can do some painting from life at the pool this summer. If I'm going to be there for hours on end I might as well make good use of my time...My son sneaking up on his brother in the pool for a splash attack.


6x6" oil on masonite
managed to paint this am. Off to the school play now. On Friday, I'll be joining the other Daily Painters from dailypainters.com in a challange to paint 2000 paintings in 30 days. That means 5 a week! with boys home from school! should be interesting.

Fresh Start

6x6" oil on masonite
Started my day by finding out I was the featured artist on the site www.emptyeasel.com. Check it out. Besides my review, theres lots of good stuff to read about artists and art.
The great thing about daily painting is how you learn and break through blocks. I hated painting flowers a couple months ago, I was even Afraid to paint them. Now I love it and cant get enough of them. I went to the nursery the other day and bought flowers specifically to paint! These aren't them, these came from a shrub in my backyard. Mock Orange? Not sure, but I have always loved them.


6x6" oil on masonite sold
Sometimes the title of a painting comes even before I start to paint, sometimes it just doesnt come at all. This is not my kind of title but it is my kind of painting. I do like things to be representational but I really like my work to be painterly and colorfull with strong composition. The subjects I'm drawn to are usually things I love and having that come through in the painting is important. One of my girlfriends was looking at my work recently and she said something like;"Your paintings are so happy feeling".....ahh now were talking.

Girlie SOLD

6x6" oil on masonite
I am having trouble getting my photos off of my memory card,... hate that. Especially since Ive got this personal goal of painting/posting EVERY day this month (kinda crazy). So, this is from the other day, actually I'm going to paint more of these. This is my girlie addition to our home. Someone was going to toss this out so I said "Uh I'll take that" and painted it a nice light green and hung it up. sweet.


6x6" oil on masonite
Today I'm working on a commission. These I did while painting "Patience". Its one of those little round single sized watermelons (which taste like air btw). I sliced it for my sons afterschool snack and thought it looked fun to paint plus I had a full palette. Below was my first attempt, I wasnt happy with the comp. It looks too much like...well, "melons" so I sliced it one more time and I think it works much better. The 'men' in my house prefer the 1st one. Go Figure. This is my 70th post!

Pink Party

6x8 oil on masonite
after I paint those little people paintings seems I always need to do something like this one. I love painting both. Less interested in subject, its more about the paint, the neg. space and the comp.

Fledgling SOLD

6x6" oil on masonite sold

More from the street....This little guy was watching the bigger boys go back and forth on their skateboards. Standing on the edge of the street, he reminds me of a little bird about to take that first leap.
June already, I am hoping to paint alot over the next few weeks....my time alone is quickly ending. Soon it will be All boys All the Time. It'll be interesting to see how I fit painting in and what my muse will be. stay tuned.
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