6x8" oil on gessoboard - contact me for availability

oops - I was supposed to post yesterdays painting today so it would show up on the

Daily Painters home page - the theme for October 1 is 'orange' . So I'll repost this one


8"x8" oil on wood panel
more experimenting here.
this is on a 1/4 inch board with black edges and a cutout in the back for easy hanging.

A beach break is a surfing term for when a wave breaks over the sandy bottom rolling into the beach, but I also like the idea of a 'beach break' - taking time out of our regular lives to go to the beach-

-speaking of regular lives: posting early today because I teach kindergarten art on tuesdays.

- I'm thinking about teaching some kind of workshop for adults in 2009 too - any thoughts on that?

-also, I totally appreciate EVERY comment and email I get - lately Ive been slow to respond - due to my busy fall schedule and sharing my computer with a teenager and a couple of pre-teens! - keep the comments coming though! I really do read them and enjoy them.

kelley - no special days in Oct. - just my favorite month here in NE.

Anne M - I sent you an email. did you get it? send me an email, I'ld be glad to help you out.

Hot Mama

6x6" oil on masonite
a re-work of an older painting - adding orange - for October, my favorite month :)

**yesterday I went to the RISD museum to see the new Chace center and also the Dale Chihuly exhibit and the David Macaulay drawings - all amazing -if you are in the area don't miss these!!

Go to Your Happy Place

6x6" oil on gessobord
"Go to Your Happy Place" - people email me all the time telling me that my paintings often remind them of what they imagine their 'happy place' to be. I love that. That makes my paintings successful in a way.
Lately, Ive been hearing a lot of 'Go to your happy place' from the trainer Ive been working out with too - although the beach is my favorite place, turns out my 'Happy Place' is a crowded coffee shop I used to go to when I was at RISD. my next series of paintings perhaps?

Mini Celebration

6x6" oil on gessobord
(blogger wont let me post a bigger image - weird)

Quick Update

Sept has turned out to be sooooo busy! But on wed. I was lucky to stop and smell the roses - or weeds -with my sweet little niece....
Today was a jammin painting day - one of those days that just clicked. Worked on 2 big paintings that are for something special - and exciting - that I will share with you soon. Next week - a gallery update and I'm back into the painting groove so more 'dailies' too and teaching a bit this year too!


6x6" oil on gessobord
This is Jack. He was the beloved dog of fellow artist Karin Jurik. She has started a new blog that I think is very fun. Every wed. she will post a photo for anyone to paint their interpretation of it and she will post the results. Its called; Different Strokes from Different Folks
check it out and also her work if you havent already.
** also, I really love painting dogs so if anyone wants their dog painted just send me an email.

Looking Back

6x6" oil on gessobord
Looking Back, looking forward. Lots of that going on this time of year with the end of summer vacation and the start of school.
(this photo has really washed out the color, it is much richer in person. psst. -I really love this image, inspired by North Beach in Chatham - a favorite place))
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