Before the Crowds

6by8 oil on masonite bad photo, I'll fix it later. So nice out today, had to go out and do a plein air. (painting outside from life) This is Horseneck Beach in Westport, Mass. Painted from Gooseberry Island. The air was so thick with moisture :hazy purple and wet.

Back to Harbor

8by10 oil on masonite Took the weekend off from my daily posting. First nice day in a while on saturday so did 5 hours of yard/garden cleanup. Going by the Yacht club on Sunday the Frostbiters were on their way back in, I took a bunch of shots. I'll try one of these again until I'm really happy with the results. This one is not quite done.
6by8 oil on masonite Did this little one over the weekend. The flowers are called Snowdrops. They are little white bulbs that are usually the first to come out, even earlier than crocuses, hence the name. Not sure of the latin. I love them and this tiny little blue pitcher. Busy week this week. Not sure if I'll get a daily done everyday but I'll try.


6by8 oil on masonite Its nice out. He's being patient. Time for a walk.

Got Sugar?

6by8 oil on masonite Again a bad photo. when these dry, I'll scan them and see if that helps get a truer color. seem to have a thing for this tomato-orange color lately. sold

we're outta here

4by6 oil on masonite I am happy with this one, nice and painterly,it was all about the colors this morning. It didnt photograph well. Its much brighter in person,more lemony. My boys are starting to name them...

....the process:a couple warm up sketches, then the 'sitting' with other works in progress

panda #2 Alex

6by9 oil on masonite Today by special request...a portrait of Alex one of the first and favorite Pandas in our home. Voted "Most Handsome Bear" by Mrs Stoners 2004 kindergarten class.


4by6 oil on masonite 'heidi' because she gave me this little old bottle. It sits on my window sill and I think of her and her purple coat when I look at it.

on my easel......

9by12 oil on masonite memory of George...painting this for Chip of his dad napping at the beach,surrounded by noisy grandchildren he could still manage to doze. we're trying to think of a title...suggestions???? sold


8by10oil on masonite

this looks better in person, brighter colors. of the morning...

4by6 oil on masonite
tons of small crappy paintings today...this made the blog...only because of the shamrock..taking the weekend off I think...going to Chatham for the weekend, was hoping to do some plein airs but I dont think the weather will be so great especially since its snowing!...bringing the paints though, maybe they will be better behaved on vacation.....

tomato platter

8by8 oil on masonite sold
....a work in progress...8by10 oil on masonite sold


5by7 oil on masonite I have never bought a radish in my life. yesterday at the market this little one just begged to be painted. Busy today, not enough time to paint so this was quick.

panda #1

...because my youngest thinks any day is a good day for a panda. this is a 2 inch furry panda from his collection. 4by6 oil on prepared masonite

trying something new....

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