Snow storm!

6x6 oil 
I painted this a few years ago after attending a sled dog race in NH.  
So fun.  
Happy snow storm everyone!  

Portrait sketch

Finally getting back into painting from the live model!  What has it been? A year?  
This portrait sketch was done in about an hour.  I forgot how fun it is.  


WIP work in progress.  One of my favorite parts of the process is painting the background color around the head.  
Often I do this upside down.  Habit, but it is also a great way to see the painting in a new way.  Flaws show and then can be fixed afterwards.  

Fresh Air Friday - The Nature Trail at Patriot Place

Did you know there is a nature walk at Patriot Place in Foxboro?  Well there is - and its a nice little half mile jaunt around a cranberry bog.. Park your car in the lot to the right of the Bass Pro Shop. Walk too short?  you can walk another mile or so to the Pro Shop and pick up some fresh gear for the big game.  GO PATS!

Showy Owl 6, Debbie Miller Painting

This week I have a lot of shipping and lesson planning and painting and photographing to do.  So I am sitting here working on some blog posts for the week with paintings from my inventory.  This owl painting from last year is among my favorites and I chuckled when I read last years post about it since I am working with the Packers/Cowboy game on in the background.  Read the post HERE and also there is a link to purchase there too.

Fresh Air Friday - color inspiration

Field Trip Friday has morphed into Fresh Air Friday for 2015.  It's important to recharge the battery and nothing does that better than a good old fashioned walk outside.
Go get it.
  Look for these colors - the colors of winter beach walks -  to show up in my new paintings. I can't get enough of them!
(btw - nfdp means "not for daily painters" - it is so the DP's robot doesn't pick up the first photo and post it on their blog.)

Day Dreaming - beach painting 0115-1

24"x36" oil on canvas $2500
I just took my dog for a long COLD walk on the beach.  23 degrees with a snow squall and wind.
I actually LOVE winter walks on the beach - but if you are day dreaming of warm summer days - here you go!

Hello! Snowy Owl

Hello.  I painted this little Snowy owl a year ago.  Here is last years post.  HERE.  
The very cool thing about it is that it is on the cover of Blick Art Supplies Winter Sale catalog!!
How cool is that?  One of my facebook friends artist Greta Ward posted this photo after she got her copy in the mail. ( I haven't got a copy yet and my Blick store doesn't either)
This painting was my favorite out of the batch I did last year and it is available. $100

Bode Dog

2014 ended with us losing our beloved sweet Bode. (right)
Just the sweetest boy ever.  We miss him.
Dogs are the best.  Plain and Simple.

 I love painting them too.  Thinking up some ideas for a series of abstract dog inspired paintings that I'm kind of excited about. Nothing like my past dog paintings although I like doing those too   HERE is a dog post from last year and also one of my favorites HERE


Every year I like to pick a word - just one - that is my "power word".  Sort of a one word mantra.
2015's word is FRESH.
 Fresh start, fresh art, fresh food, fresh air,  it's all good, etc. 
 My son says it all the time and it became the front runner when I started to think of words while making my goal list for the year.
 ( I may have to steal his hat.)
Notice I said "goal list" not resolutions.  Resolutions fail - goals and the STEPS it will take to attain them, now those are FRESH.  Last year I broke things down by quarter and wrote down my goals for each and exactly what I needed to do to make them happen.  This made a huge difference in my business.  I really do need a plan and get ready because this year I've got some pretty fresh goals.  Te-he.

First step - clearing off the studio bulletin board.  So what will your word be?

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