Swimmers 3 - Debbie Miller oil painting

30x30 more swimmers - I just can't get enough.  Really today is a very "office-y"  kind of day. *yawn*  Lot's of computer work.  During breaks, I'm working on a couple of paintings.

I don't know, maybe its the paint fumes, maybe it's the long hours in front of the computer but it struck me as funny to see this strategically placed window ...

Swimmers,Debbie Miller

24x48 oil on canvas
Swimmers - hmmmm,  I know there is a better title here somewhere, it just hasn't come to me yet.  Sometimes while painting a title comes to mind right away, in the very early stages of painting.
I like when that happens.

So while pondering titles,  I'm gearing up to paint some more of these swimmers  - 48x48 and larger -

edit:  this painting "the Long Wait" is available at www.eisenhauergallery.com

artist Kate Huntington openings

 My friend Kate Huntington is part of 2 shows opening this weekend - check them out if you are in the area

At the Copley Society in Boston the "Fine Arts Work Center Fellows" opens on Thursday, May 16th and continues through June 19th. It's a 5 person show consisting of  recipients of the FAWC award in Provincetown from the past 5 years. Kate received this award (a month in P-Town including apt. and studio) in Sept. 2012.
The following night on May 17th and a little closer to home, painter Mark Freedman and Kate will be having an opening at the Dryden Gallery at Providence Picture Frame.  Mary Ann Rossoni, a fantastic musician (and painter to boot) will be performing with her band the Rossonians. This should prove to be a "be there or be square" kind of opening. Check them out!

Daisy - figurative painting,Debbie Miller

 In honor of Mothers Day, here is one of my ladies - big oil on canvas (I need to measure but I think its 30x40)  I love painting these, it is all fun - from start to finish and they just emerge from the canvas

My Mothers day stated off like this:

 and ended like this:
with a little dose of love from the boys (human and dog) in between.  Can't complain about that.

a quick road trip coming up soon - exciting news- I'll share soon. 
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