Happy Fall

I didnt paint today. Instead I got to take care of this little pumpkin :-) (my niece, dressed in my sons old coat)

Following Change

6x6" oil on masonite
When I painted this the David Bowie song "Changes" was on and its been stuck in my head ever since. "ch ch ch ch changes, turn and face the strange...." Its so perfect for this time of year with all the leaves and weird Halloween stuff.
I forgot how fun these 'jar' paintings are to paint. I did 4!! And I like to paint them 'backwards'. meaning ; I paint the background first, its all about the negative space between the sticks and leaves. then I do the rest saving the white highlights for last.

Board Buddies, daily painting,children, beach

Board Buddies sold
6x6" oil on masonite panel
I was told that for bloggers its good to put lots of keywords in the title because that is how Google works...SO thats the reason for the wordyness. My daily painting has been a bit sporadic lately. next week will be better, loads of paintings are spinning around my head just waiting to come out! More children at the beach - of course but a few other surprises as well. stay tuned. happy weekend all!

Gearing Up, daily painting, children, street scene

Gearing Up

6x6" oil on masonite panel sold
Another from my Street Scene series with children. This little girl was 'gearing up' to go rollerblading, but I also love her little top and sense of style; kinda gearing up to be a 'tween' soon.
The dappled light on the street was fun to paint but my favortie part is her ponytail. --which is often my favorite part, kinda like adding the bright highlight on glass in a still life...those are the fun things for me - that and coming up with the composition. - I LOVE that part :-)

October Light,daily painting plein air at the beach

October Light sold
6x6" oil on masonite
sortof in a painting funk lately. Today, feeling a bit run down,and not wanting to paint at all, I decided to take my dog for a walk at one of my favorite painting spots and see if the mood strikes. A plein air at the beach on a gorgeous October day is surely a cure for the painting blues! The beach grasses that were all green a month or so ago, now are yellow,orange, sienna,ruby red and even lavender! My dog thinks this is definately how we should spend our days.
I cant decide which of these pictures captures the painting better so I am posting both until I decide.

Beach Bums

6x6" oil on masonite sold
OK - this is from a few weeks ago. I did paint today - 3 still lifes actually - but since I havent painted in ...well, 6 days (gasp!) ... I'm alittle rusty. Its been a busy week aand now its the weekend again! how did that happen? anyway, still diggin the beach scenes, this one is another quick loose one. I'ld really like to do a whole series of bigger beach scenes...maybe soon. got a few commissions to tend to as well.


NFS--(from me, but it is available at the gallery)
*edit* you can vote here. you just have to register first then click on records 136-150 to get to my painting. ***
WOW. My painting got accepted into the Greenwich Workshop Gallery's new exhibition SmallWorks North America. On a whim this past summer, after reading about it on another artists blog, I decided 'what did I have to lose' so I entered a couple of my little daily paintings. Last week the email came that said "Fledgling" was accepted! (oops, I sold it! - luckily I sold it to my good friend and the little boys Mom and she graciously agreed to give it back. I thanked her with exchanging it with "Street Fall"). So today I mailed it in and it is on their website!! I am sooo thrilled to be a part of this, it really showcases some of the nations topnotch artists. It is an honor to be included amongst them. 900+ paintings were submitted and I think about 200 were chosen. Now you can go on the site and register as a collector and vote for your favorites. Not only are there cash prizes for the top few but also the top 40 will be asked to be a part of their 2008 catalogue. So, check it out, you wont be dissapointed, and cast a GOLD vote for "Fledgling" !!!
heres my original post about this painting from June

RISD alumni sale

Taking the day off from painting today. After being at the sale all day on Sat. and then helping run the snackbar at our PopWarner football games all day on Sun., I really need to catch up on some housework...maybe even some Halloween decorating since it is finally starting to feel like fall around here.

Wish I had more pictures from the sale, there really was some neat stuff this year, and I found out yesterday that my friend Debra Mann Morton and her jazz trio provided the entertainment and I didnt get a chance to go and enjoy that!


6x6" oil on masonite
In spite of having a million things to do today to get ready for the RISD sale tomorrow, I decided that these HAD to be painted. Zinnias. Love them. I bought them to put on my table tomorrow and painted them quickly with 1 flat brush and actually I like the result. fun.
Happy Long Weekend!

Street Fall

6x6" oil on masonite sold
It actually FEELS like summer today, but I am done with summer weather! So, in denial, I painted Autumn today. Besides the people doing their thing at the beach, people doing their thing on the street is a favorite subject matter. This one, is a sortof 'chicken or egg' scene. Not sure wether he fell off his bike and then noticed the interesting leaves OR did he notice the leaves and thats why he fell off the bike? No matter, as a mom of boys, this image speaks to me. Its what little boys do ---they ride and fall off bikes, they wear striped shirts and jeans and boots. They love their boots. They think helmets with flames on them are the coolest things ever. They are curious and busy and loud and get dirty. Little boys rock!

My Postcards are In!!!

Hooray, my new postcards arrived! Aren't they cool? They are 4x6 with cool rounded corners, with title etc. in the upper left corner on the back. I picked "the Daily Habit" from my beach series and "Street Art" from my street scenes series, both favorites of mine. My brother Dave Gonville and my sister-in-law Maeve Donahue, both great artists themselves and webdesigners(www.namistudios.com) helped me out with them as they are waaay better with computer design stuff than me! Anyway, the postcards look great and guess what? You get one when you buy a painting. A small token of gratitude for all my great customers- Thank You!

Digging the Beach

6x8" oil on masonite
Another oil painting of children at the beach. I just cant seem to stop. This one I really like because it is painterly and I like the colors. And its got one of those great shadows I just love to paint. Speaking of colors, my 'go-to' colors are naples yellow, cerulean blue,french ultra marine and cad red light. I paint with them most often. Maybe tomorrow I should try a different palette and subject matter, maybe not :-).
So what are your favorite colors to paint with? Maybe I'll get inspired to try something new.
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