Ive been scarce but busy. Ive got a few new things brewing which I will tell you about soon, along with some new artwork and an update for my etsy shop, not to mention a major case of the gardening bug. happy spring all! stay tuned for my update tomorrow.

Neighborhood Spring - daily painting, Monday Plein Air

6x6" oil on masonite
Well, I'm supposed to be meeting some other artists early on Monday Mornings for a plein air session but I havent made it yet! todays reason was car trouble (yawn) So I decided to still do a plein air - just from home. We've been having some seriously nice weather lately so why not?
this happens to be the a view towards my friend Charlottes house. this was a quicky but has a nice feel I think,- spring in the neighborhood at last.

A Spring Thing - daily painting,floral still life

12x12" oil on panel $300
not a big fan of painting green or yellow so I challanged myself today with this. - it was hard, first it was hard deciding WHAT to paint, then I moved the stuff around a million times, then the decision making of 'what color where' started. I think to much with green instead of just instinctively putting down color,value, line etc. Really I love those days when I paint and my mind is somewhere else - thinking,listening to music, daydreaming then I focus and 'hey thats a nice painting' . Its a form of meditating I suppose. Today, I had that a little but mostly it was struggling with color.
I was going to do some little ones also but now I have a headache! so this is it for today.

Spring Birds

6x6" oil on masonite
spring is slow to come around here, but the subtle signs are out there. Walking my dog in the morning, its usually quiet, not anymore - the birds are making a racket, singing,chirping. love it.

I entered these 2 paintings in the Art League RI Associate Members Show at Gallery 297 in Bristol RI and both got in!! The opening is Sunday from 1-3 , come by and say Hi. I just got back from helping to hang the show and it looks great.
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