Saba - monday portrait session

12x12" oil
Saba - a beautiful name for a beautiful girl. It means Cool Morning Breeze in Arabic. She was the model last night at our monday night portrait session - wish I had a photo of her too so you could see the likeness...what fun those eyes were to paint! but as for the spot I love? it would have to be her nose - loving that lighter brushstroke inbetween her eyes -yum

Black Hat - beach scene, mothers and children

6x6" oil - geez, talk about a painting slump.... its been a few weeks of starts and stops, wipe outs and confusion on which direction to take - happens to the best of us I suppose... strange - havent felt like painting but started running again, became a vegetarian and have the overwhelming urge to get another dog!! what is THAT about??!! must be spring fever :)

So back in the comfort zone but ok with it. Happy here and spent the entire day painting which is always a good thing.

Painting big - alot bigger - is where I'm heading but will still keep at these little ones to help work things out - stay tuned for more moms at the beach - inspired (finally)by mothers day

Mark Taber - portrait series

18x24" oil. back from my painting break - sometimes you just need to do other things to recharge the creative juices.

But nothing could be better for getting my painting groove back than hanging with a bunch of RISD alumni for a portrait session - which is what I did last night- and a GREAT model too.

Seriously this guy was FUN to paint. His name is Mark Taber and he is a local pianist here in RI - we were treated to a bit of his talent while setting up. Thank you Mark.

You can read about Mark HERE
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