Are You Coming? I'm "Leaving it All Behind"

24x24 oil on panel. "Leaving It All Behind"
OK - not Leaving ALL of it behind just some of it. The extra baggage.
You know the stuff, you've got it too.
--These past few weeks have been filled with long hours on the business side of art - actually all the computer time, doing research, the paperwork, workshops etc. is all PART of my art. One exists because of the other. They are a team.
--A lot of time has been spent thinking about what to do next, where to take my art, what avenues are worth pursuing ?
--This is where that old crappy baggage sneaks back in - the self doubt monster questioning my every move. I hate her.

--SO-- Ive decided to leave her behind and jump in with both feet and really go for it.
-- You coming?

Where Do You Find Inspiration?

Today, my guys and I - and by 'guys' I mean my 2 dogs and husband- went for a long walk at the beach.
Just a beautiful winter beach walk, so much to love about it. So finding a heart rock today just seems like a little gift from Mother Nature or something. A special token to remember the slow delicious moments that are often taken for granted.

Last summer, at this same beach while walking and collecting sea glass a very elderly woman walked up to me and said "Here, you'll like this one too." She reached out and opened up her palm to reveal a lavender piece of sea glass the exact same shade of her long linen sundress.

Then she smiled and walked away.

This moment - this woman - this gift - has stuck with me. I think of her every time I am walking the beach.
When I find pieces of purple sea glass now, like today, I think "Is this another gift from her?" "Should I pass it on too?"

Now I'm finding myself wanting to paint with that shade of purple, and Ive got images in my head that are just waiting to come out on canvas among other things. That one moment of time has set inspiration into motion.

Where do you find inspiration? Share your story in the comments, I'd love to read them.

Oh and DON"T even get me started on that red sea glass!

In the Soup - beach vacation,daily painting

In the soup - the surfer term for that frothy area after a wave breaks that you have to get through to get out to the waves.
Always reminds me of the restaurant term 'in the weeds' the thick of it, swamped, overwhelmed..... moms home with kids all this vacation week - this is you! In the soup - weeded :)

A Little Beach Walk - beach vacation,daily painting

5x7 oil on panel
School Vacation Week - lets go to the beach!
Well, my family isnt going somewhere warm but my blog is!
Got a new scanner (epson 4490) so for the next week I'll be posting some little beach scenes that are still here in the studio.
Happy Vacation

Trio - beach scene, friends

6x6 oil on panel - ignoring the N.E. winter weather forcast and painting the beach again. Looking at those 3 friends, one of my favorite books as a kid popped into my head
These 3 horses meet up with an artist guy and dress up like princesses and go into town. Its a little odd :) In the end a trio of princesses show up and adopt them. Those vintage Dandelion Press books were the best.

Hello Kitty - daily painting, portrait,figure

10x10 oil on panel.

After painting her portrait, there was still more time on the clock - about one hour - and I had an extra panel so I painted this.

Love the "Hello Kitty" shirt and wanted to paint more of her than just a headshot.

Much more free with this one and it was fun.

Go HERE to see the first portrait

Snow Flying - daily painting, snow scenes

6x6 oil on panel - doing some studio organizing and came across a few snow scenes from a few years back. thought they'ld be perfect to share again.

Below is my favorite picture from the past week.

for some beautiful winter eye candy and inspiration go to Amanda Soule's beautiful blog SoulMama! I love to stop by there from time to time.

Follow the Leader - daily painting,cupcakes

6x6 oil. I just listened to the same song over and over and over on my ipod without even noticing until it was playing for over an hour! Deep in thought while painting!

What was I thinking of about you ask?

Well the title popped into my head first.

- then it went off into imagining the cupcakes were like middleschool girls following the alpha girl - she's the one in pink - and then they all go home and bug their mothers for pink frosting too with green sprinkles. They simply MUST have these things.... because the white frosting/red sprinkle look is SO last year.... :)

Creamsicle - daily painting,cupcakes,floral

6x6" oil on panel. Often while painting a title or word will pop into my head and stay there. With this one - it is orange creamsicle - which are not my cup of tea- but the colors are. Last weekend I picked up this little bouquet at Trader Joes (for peanuts!) to brighten up the studio a bit. Its working.

Below is the latest from the open portrait group. I Love this group and painting from the model live so much that I would like to start my own group at my little studio -(on a different night of course!!) If you are an interested local - contact me!

Go over to my About Face blog to see more.

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