Bag It

6x8" oil on masonite

Which Way Dad?

6x8" oil on masonite sold
Painting what I know and love today.

an exercise.... Something's Brewing

6x6" oil on masonite
last weekend I went to a gallery talk with a few local artists. They talked about their lives/careers/work etc etc. It was very interesting. Jim Kubiatowicz whose work I admire, was one of them and I was amazed to learn that his paintings are painted from his memory. Of course he observes constantly but when it comes to putting paint on canvas the image is coming from his mind. He told me to try it, to think of a place,a mood, a scene; then paint! So I tried it and it was a little scary at first but very fun. ( You can tell by the 'scrunchy' that my mind traveled way back...oh circa 1988)I'm definitely going to do more of it, dont know if any will make the blog, I wasnt even going to post this since it was just an exercise but I thought I'ld show what I am up to and maybe this will creep into my other work as well (that was all code for: its a cold rainy vacation week and Mom hasnt painted ANYTHING in a couple days :-) )

a work in progress---kids kove donation

6x8" oil on masonite
I was asked to make a donation to the Kids Kove Auction that is coming up in May. I'm working on this for it. Hopefully I'll finish it this week. So between that, the boys being home for vacation, making new panels,figuring out my camera and squeezing computer time in...not sure if I'll get to post any 'daily' paintings. But you never know....

Last Light

8x10 oil on masonite
I painted this about a month ago after spending 13 hours at the SENECY swimmeet (H + T swam for a total of about 2 and a half min.!!) It was a long day, I got home grabbed my french easel and went down to the beach and did this in about 30 min before it got dark. I like it and felt so good after. Painting plein air - especially when it clicks - is good for the soul.


6x6 oil on masonite
I have a bunch of these ironstone pitchers. This is one of the biggest, usually I use it for tulips. I'm thinking a series would be good until I get one I really like..or not. Painting white china is a challenge. At RISD we would paint all white still lifes alot (or all green -yuck) Its a good exercise. ...course I cant resist throwing in some saturated color...especially since its soo grim outside.

The Mrs.

6x6" oil on masonite
The only other 'girl' in the house. I have 2 of these little teacups, one boy ,one girl. They were a promo for Bailey's about 10 years ago.

No Reservations

6x6 oil on masonite

Heres a pic of my painting in the Gallery window. I got an award for Excellence in Oil. How bout that?? A really nice show, I was proud to be a part of it. Check it out at Gallery 297, Hope St. Bristol RI (next to Robertos)

Lap Top

How does one paint with 3 boys home from school?? Let them pick the subject matter....
or paint them real quick before they move....

6x6 oil on masonite
Ill be taking the weekend to revamp this and get organized. Happy Easter. I'll be back on Monday.


6by6 oil on masonite
I love the pattern on this dishtowel and have been waiting to paint it. After one of my more involved paintings like yesterdays its good to do something loose,quick and from life. Time to make more panels, and boys are home next 2 days so cant promise I'll get around to posting but you never know.

Just Ducky

6by8 oil on masonite
I love cities in the rain especially Providence. This was fun, I'll paint more of these kinds of subjects: people doing their thing. Soon I'll get something installed to help correct the colors and clean up the photos too. So much to think about....

Beach Party

"Beach Party" 8by10 oil on masonite
This painting was accepted in the Art League Rhode Island first Associate Members juried show at Gallery 297 in Bristol,RI. I'm thrilled. Check it out if you are in the area April 4-29 this won the Excellence in Oil Award

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