Red Bucket - 1. Debbie Miller daily painting, beach scene

6x6" oil on panel $100

Oh Hello.  Remember me?
So, back in the studio with regular hours - hooray!!  It is all about time in the studio - my paintings are just not going to paint themselves no matter how I try.

There is a little stack of panels with black gesso just hanging around so this week that is the go-to surface.
The subject - people on the beach - of course. 
BUT Ive got the itch to paint bigger more abstract paintings - its really all I want to paint right now and I am even thinking about using acrylics *gasp!*  I know?  crazy talk right??

Which brings me back to the stash of little black panels - these I will paint a quick little painting to play with composition and to get a feel for the image - a sketch with paint. Not quite as realistic as I used to paint but not all crazy like the paintings in my head.
They will be up for sale through my daily painters page (or email me) and then I'll post the bigger paintings that the little ones inspire.  Fun right?

So here is little painting #1 - and fair warning I've got a thing for buckets 

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