Happy New Year

2014.... Already.
 To kick things off for the new year, I kicked everything off my bulletin board.
It was a little like ripping a band-aid off, at first.  Thought about it and thought about it, then R I P - everything had to go.
 Not sure what to do with it now but I'm LOVING the clean slate. 
New Year = new goals, new inspiration, new calender, new to-do list, new ideas.
Can't wait to get going -Bring it on 2014, I'm ready.

Decking the Halls

Busy, Busy, Busy right?  So much to do, and  decking the halls is my favorite part.  Put on some Christmas music and sprinkle magic all around.  (Most patient Jewish husband EVER)
This year I've been lucky to have some live Christmas Carols in the house.  Now this is band rehearsal that I can really get into. (btw - this is their high school not my house... )
Boy2 on bass.  Merry Christmas Everyone!

Paper Snowflakes Tutorial

To know me is to know that I make a mean paper snowflake.
Some might say I'm a little nutty about them.
I learned how to make a 6-sided snowflake as a girl and have made oodles of them since. Sometimes I even make cool designs in them like coyotes, ballerinas, Yodas, flowerpots....it's endless really.

Here is a little tutorial on how to do it - Happy Cutting!!
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