By the River

6x6" oil on masonite sold

Took a break from my Harry Potter reading and went down the road to this spot with my dog. He thinks when I paint outside that its the best thing ever. He went swimming and also rolled in something REALLY smelly. I kept 2 of the 4 little paintings I did, got 3 horsefly bites and a sunburn but still agree with Bode, painting outside is fun.


NFS---Well today was one of those days when I just couldnt make the brushes do what I wanted. This is a big sign I painted a few years ago to hang on our front door for the summer. When I doodle, usually its one of these suns or a flower in a pot. I may start doing those with paint and posting them over in 'Deb's Studio' and making some prints soon for a shop over at Etsy. I also made a little book of my first 50 daily paintings. I'm waiting to recieve my copy from the printers, if I like it I will offer up some copies for purchase. So many things to do so little time...I will hopefully be back to my 'daily painting' tomorrow.....and to all my faithfull viewers,the other artists Ive met and people who have purchased a painting -Thanks so much, you all help make this fun for me and keep me going.

Sunflowers #2

6x6" oil on masonite panel
It is like my brain sees in zoom lens only....I try to paint the whole still life...but I always seem to super crop it when I sketch it out. Zeroing in on what drew me to the scene in the first place. I wonder what would happen if I put the vase on the other side of the room? Would I still zoom in? I bet I would :-)

Puddle Path SOLD

6x6" oil on masonite panel SOLD
I went out and did a plein air tonite and this photo I took at the site so the color is a little weird, it was getting dark when I left. Lots of people out and lots of shore birds,a really nice night for painting. There were 15 different things I felt like painting but I ran out of light. In this one I'm really happy with the mud. I like the looseness and the way the darker underpainting peaks through creating an interesting edge. Also, the people were 4 friends having wine and chinese food and lots of laughs. nice night for that too.

Making Memories SOLD

6x6" oil on masonite SOLD
My blogger posting page has changed. I can no longer do stuff like make the type a different color. Anyone else out there having this problem??
I like this little painting. I prefer to suggest rather than be totally realistic. It is a constant battle...painting the way you want or the way your brain tells you...or someone saying "why don't they have a face?" Um, I dont know, I didnt FEEL like it I guess.
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