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Rest up Santa

6x6" oil on panel SOLD
I am a firm believer in enjoying October to it's fullest fall glory so I hate to even look at a Santa BUT
that time or year is right around the corner.  This is my last little beach Santa that is still kicking around the studio.  I might paint up a few to have for sale during Warren Walkabout.
For sure there will be lots of little paintings that make great gifts though.

Rest Up Santa, busy day is coming.

October is here finally

6x6" oil on panel.

Everyone's favorite month is here!  Hooray.
October means it's time for another Warren Walkabout  - my studio will be open and I've decided to have a little sale.  My studio is not huge and I'ld really like to move some of my older paintings out to make room in the studio and in my head for more art!!
Come by and grab some art for gifts!!
This year Walkabout is on October 23.

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