Ski Day

6x6" oil on masonite. sold
a 'little' skiing - the runner up title, since this is a little painting of a ski day. :-) busy few days with sick husband and kids home and a no school day yesterday. SO, we needed a family project and below is the almost finished product. we took a big canvas and each of us painted a simple self portrait, the boys wanted to include the pets so they added them too, then we wrote words around the sides that remind us of our family, then we hung it in the family room - of course. :-)
anyway, it was a fun family project and got us through the rainy sickish day home



6x6" oil on masonite.

well, if you know me and know where I was this past weekend then you knew this was coming. :-)

I love painting dogs and this past saturday I had so much fun at a sled dog race in NH. The weather was gorgeous, about 60 teams were there from NE, NY and Canada and I took loads of photos. I realize this may not be a popular subject to the buyers out there so bear with me while I play around with winter for a while.

Well Fed

6x6" oil on masonite
this is so luscious in person. the photo doesnt really do it justice.
Huckle Cat. 10 yrs old. born in this house, he is the most gorgeous shade of dark silvery blue grey with a white tip on his tail. He is also neurotic,has a real love of baby rabbit heads, meows too much and too loud and climbs on the screens to get in the house...but we love him anyway.

Pear Press

6x6" oil on masonite
this setup reminded me of a press conference,all the reporters crowding around the 'star'
I've given myself a little assaignment to paint some still lifes, specifically pears. just cause I like them and want to get better at painting them.


9x12" oil on masonite
Last night, I was making panels in my new work room and my son came down and asked if I'ld paint him.
this is the result - a quick 40 min. study (about as much as- even an eager- 9 yr old can take) he was a great model, busy with his Nintendo DS, wearing a huge sweatshirt, I think he only said "Are you done yet?" about 28 times, which isnt bad for 40 min.
****meanwhile**** This months Art Calender magazine has a great article about I got my copy at Borders but you can also see it here. And I"M QUOTED in it!! cool.

Beach Day

6x6" oil on masonite
Sick today. So this is a little oldy but goody I have kicking around.
for those of you who get my paintings sent to your email, sorry about the thanksgiving pictures in yesterdays post, I have no idea why that happened, some sort of blogger glicht.
have a happy healthy weekend and Go Pats!

Little Lineup

6x8" oil on masonite
its not much but FINALLY I got to use my paints. quick and loose to get in the groove again.
the rest of the day was spent setting up my new computer,camera stuff and work space. My youngest who is home sick today just said "Mom, I never knew being an artist was doing so much other stuff. I thought you just draw and paint all day." :) don't I wish.

I'll be back with a new painting soon!!

I swear. I have just been sooo busy organizing! I will be posting new paintings soon....more daily paintings and maybe some bigger ones that I'll be showing in a brick/mortar space. ...Ive got a new laptop ---hooray! a new space for my 'stuff' and lots of new ideas and motivation!

In the mean time, here's a link to a very talented artist selling some prints and cards over at Etsy, check her out : She just so happens to be a fellow RISD grad and my sister-in-law: Maeve Donohue Gonville. Below is a little panda print she designed for my son, there is a nice description of it on her etsy shop. - actually ALL the listings have great descriptions so you'll have a good time reading them. ENJOY

Getting Organized

Well my laptop adapter cord has died...for a while I would "McGyver" the cord and it would work, now - not so much. SO, While I deal with that little issue, I'm also taking the time to organize my basement(I'm actually creating an office/studio space down there),laundry,paperwork, etc etc. ...painting is taking a backseat for a few days while I get organized BUT its so warm out I just may sneak out for a few plein airs!

Thanks for all the happy anniversary well wishes! you are all just great


painting of a manchester terrier, dog painting 6x6" oil on masonite

Happy New Year everyone. After a very busy December, I took some time off from painting and the computer, now easing back into the swing of things. Tons of ideas for paintings this year and ready to get at it...however...slow start back to a favorite subject - actually 2 -dogs and shadows on the street.... this is a little spunky manchester terrier

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