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30x30 oil on panel
nfs Sometimes you just have to do what you love - what speaks to you, what moves you - actually when it comes to painting it should be what you do all the time - it is easy to get off track, to worry about what everyone thinks, to try and please everyone.
 This has been the monster I've been fighting for a while now.
  Until now, until I got back in the studio and just painted - for ME, for the love of painting, for the escape, for the meditation, for THE FUN OF IT. 
TAH_DAH!  painting is fun again and I've got a secret I'll share with you soon about this painting and some of her friends.  stay tuned

Beach Scene1-pink hoodie,framed,Debbie Miller

6x6" oil on panel in silver frame $200
It is FINALLY nice out!!  Hooray!  I think I might actually thaw out now after the deep freeze.
Some little paintings just got back to me from a gallery.  They are in frames and I've decided to offer them up here for sale.  Great gifts - ready to go! 

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