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6x6" oil on panel
painting the beach AGAIN - sorry if its getting boring - actually have soooo many ideas rattling my brain that they wake me up, so i always have to focus and paint the familiar before moving on. wanted to make her cover up yellow but had a hard time of it SO went back to the pink - familiar - it works but yellow would have really popped.

In the Soup-daily painting,surfing,beach,children

6x6" oil on masonite
"In the Soup" = a surfing term for being in the white foam of a wave after it has broken.

below is a 4x4" acrylic of Shadow, my sons classroom bear who spent the weekend with us. He just HAD to have his portrait painted,looking oh so dapper in his naval uniform :)

Spring Cleaning

No painting to post although I was busy painting today. -Working on some bigger still lifes.

More of that and a commission,some shipping,paperwork to catch up on,framing,show drop off, hopefully I will slip in a 'daily' painting or two but this is a busy week. stay tuned, you never know :-)

Soaking It In

6x6" oil on masonite
back to the beach....
fyi- if you are in the area, I've got a bunch of paintings on display at RI Hospital (in the Davol Corridor) They will be there for around 6 weeks.

Hydrangeas and Oranges

12"x12" oil on masonite $300.00

Happy Spring!!!! New beginnings... rebirth...fresh start.... I'm thinking today is a better day to make a change than New Year's Day. I've got a few in mind for myself, including painting bigger more often and experimenting, which brought me to todays still life. Trying to stay loose and painterly, this was fun. The composition is a little wonky but it really was a spur of the moment painting, I just dove right in and didnt fuss, this is all a bunch of stuff on my studio table, (I brought the hydrangeas down to brighten my basement space today :)

-World's most boring title, can't think of anything else

Our Spot

6x6" oil on masonite
What's my emotional connection to this image? It is totally romantic. I NEVER had a baby sit in my lap at the beach. They were always running somewhere. I can relate to how she is looking around, possible watching an older child and all the 'stuff '. I love painting the 'stuff'.

Incoming Tide

6x6" oil on masonite
Its windy cold March. Trying to 'feel' that hot sun, and that end of a good beach day warmth. Some artists are drawn to their subjects by a color or subject. For me, its more about an emotional draw, something has to really grab me in some personal way. There needs to be an emotional connection. Then hopefully that feeling gets passed onto the viewer.

A Little Party

6x6" oil on masonite

hmmm, seems my system has gone a little haywire for those of you who get my daily emails. sorry about the re-post. I have no idea why that happens, and dang! yesterday was my big 1year blog -aversary speech too. please go back and check out my blog for that....

meanwhile, still havent gotten the cupcakes out of my system, so there will be lots of celebrating this week ;) I am totally obsessed with painting the wrapper -especially the chocolate ones, but my favorite part of this painting is the shadow of the chocolate cupcake in the center - in particular the lighter blue next to the dark dark brown...love it.


6x6" oil on masonite sold
I just realized that March 11th is the one year birthday of my blog! A Blogaversary of sorts.
Its a special day for me. My son suggested last year that I start with a cupcake - to celebrate...so year 2 will start the same way.
Never did I imagine-one year ago- all that would come from this. My blog started as a way to stay committed to a daily disipline of painting, to make myself accountable so I could grow as an artist and get my groove on -so to speak.
Now, Ive done that and sooo much more. The power of the internet amazes me everyday. Not since leaving RISD have I had this community of artists to support me,to bounce ideas off of, to learn from, to commiserate with, to be INSPIRED by. It is truly amazing. There has been so much learning and growing,opportunities and challenges too. And -OH MY GOSH- there are a whole bunch of you who get my paintings in your mailbox everyday! How cool is that? Its like you all come over to my (imaginary internet)studio for a cup of coffee and some art everyday...talk about creative inspiration! THAT is it! **thank you! thank you! **
My little paintings are all over the country now - in the homes of all the lovely people who have enjoyed them enough to purchase one - there are even several overseas!! Never did I imagine that. **thank you, thank you!**
There IS beauty in this world, thanks for sharing with me. namaste.

Beach Warmth

6x8" oil on masonite
I've got a 'thing' for painting these 'mom' suits, but this time I used a nice red ground and tried to stay loose. I had a dream the other night that we only went to the beach ONCE last year, how horrible! Since its dreary around here now, I wanted to capture that soaking in the sun feeling

Pink Hat

6x6" oil on masonite
just in case you thought I only paint people from the side or back :).... working on some other things, this was the quick 'use up the paint on the palette' painting from yesterday. I always doodle faces, this is kinda like that, except with paint. Very fun, I could do these all day...except its time to go vote.....
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