Autumn Woods 2 - daily painting plein air landscape

6x6" oil - every year during this week I HAVE to go outside and paint - and it has to be trees - Ive got a thing for dark trunks against the orange leaves.
Also has to be loose and painterly, I want to capture the feeling of being in the woods this time of year not every branch,leaf or twig

Ladies Night - daily cupcake painting by Debbie Miller

6x6" oil - a treat from saturday night at my studio with girlfriends ---I am completely obsessed with my larger works - these little ones have truly become my warmups before diving into the big ones.
It really is a great way to loosen up and get 'ready'

signing off for the weekend...
hope I'll see you this sunday for the Artists Open Studios in Warren RI....
I'm in the 30 Cutler St building -suite 210
bring friends , I'll supply the art :)

Furlough #1 - the chair - beach scenes,contemporary art

20x20" oil on canvas --- Furlough series - a departure, a vacation, breathing space -- painting the way I've been thinking about for a while now....still fascinated by people at the beach as a subject but now there are other things at play. Layers for one. Getting away from realism is another.
So take a little vaca with me, lets see where it goes

Skim - beach scene, contemporary

20x20" oil on canvas -- the one that started it all - this new series - -this thing that is consuming my thoughts and keeping me up at night :) ..... best seen in person and guess what you can!
soon i'll host an open studio to celebrate my new space but until then you can stop by Oct 17. I'm in the 30 Cutler St. mill building

Daisy - beach scene,contemporary

20x20 oil - below is a close up -
bought a bunch of 20x20 canvases today and painted 3 already - pushing things into a more abstract zone, thinking about the negative space and the thick vs thin paint and the drippy stuff too.
Normally the subject would be the thick paint and the background or the negative space...the "ocean" around the subject would be the thinner paint. Today I thought "what if I flipped it ?"

more exploring of this.... enjoying a more contemporary bent and the bigger size

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