Fire and Ice - figurative painting by debbie miller

6x6 oil.

All I can think of when I look at this is 'fire and ice' - hence the name. Love her fiery hair with that blue and white blouse. Hello, complimentary colors :)

This was a little quickie done after the longer portrait done at Monday nights open portrait painting session. click HERE to see the portrait I did first - which I LOVE.

AND check out some of the talented artists I paint with : (click on names) Rob Rey Devin Reilly Kate Huntington Kerry Smith

Want to Pick up the Pace? - plein air beach scene,debbie miller

6x6" oil on panel.

Spent the first real spring-like afternoon doing some plein air painting at the beach - at Warrens Pt. in Little Compton, RI.

My plan was to do studies of the waves and rocks - and I did do that but you know I cant resist painting the people!

This is THE best way to improve your powers of observation and to learn to paint faster! Really, you are painting your memory of the scene - a gesture of the person. Its challenging, difficult and wicked fun ;)

What's on Your To Do List? - the business of art,Debbie Miller

So, making art is not all fun and games (although it is pretty cool).

-The business side of things has to be taken care of and it really is a time hog. -Every week, I try to set aside time for both. Its the only way to manage it.

**This is my bag of contacts. Yup - THAT is my mailing list. What a mess - but aren't my studio floors amazing?!

At least the info. is all in one place!!! Until I took Alyson B Stanfield's class "Cultivating Collectors" my lists were all over the place.

So - now I make time each week to put a few in a database. Its tedious but essential for my business. Check out Alyson's ArtBizBlog for more business of art advice - and her book is great too.

Thanks Alyson for mentioning my blog today!

Beach Towel Study - daily painting, beach scene, Debbie Miller

8x8" oil This is a little study done for the larger version which is hanging (but available to purchase) at the Sunnyside Restaurant. I've had alot of interest in it lately so I thought I'ld post the study too. sold.
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