Summer Dreams - beach scene

12x12"oil .
The recession has been cruel to the gallery world - 2 of mine have closed in the past month! - that's the bad news....the good news is:
Ive got some great paintings back that I'll be making available here! ***alert -gift idea!
Starting with this one...look for more in the days to come...

Winter - daily painting, winter landscape

16x20 oil on canvas nfs
Looking towards winter..... working on special projects and trying to stay organized - couldnt help taking a break and painting this for my dining room, inspired by the gorgeous sky this morning when I drove my son to school....all grays,blues, and white...


12x12 oil. commission.
yes a commission but this might as well be in the 'My October' series. the image really spoke to me and it was sooooo fun to paint - tapping into that inner child for sure with this one as it reminds me of the many nature walks we went on as kids, playing "Roots, rocks and rattlesnakes". Popped it into a gold plein air frame which really compliments it....hope they like it as much as I do!

My Little Artbook is ready!!

Ta - Da! With the help of I put together a little book of some of my favorite beach paintings from the past couple of years. It came out pretty cute and would make a great gift!!

All the info. to purchase is on my blog to the right - you'll find a preview, and info on how to get a signed copy!! hope you like it

"Down Time" - Santa card, Christmas card

One of my favorite images from a few years back is this Santa I painted relaxing after the big night....

many people have requested it as a card and now you can get them here!! Fine Art America is a site that makes quality prints and cards, Ive ordered some of these and am happy with them, you can customize too!

the paintings available to print will change from time to time.

Bristol Harbour - daily painting, my october 7, plein air

6x6" oil plein air. Boy have I been slacking on my daily painting lately!! This is a little plein air painted from my car last week - that counts right?
Very busy with commissions and framing up new works for galleries for the holiday season.

psst----its gift giving time and original works of art make great gifts!!!

The Journey - My October - 6,plein air,landscape

10"x20" oil on canvas. $400
They say its all about the journey..... couldnt agree more. this little challenge for myself - painting outside everyday from life - is teaching me so much...for one thing I REALLY like painting outside...2.- french easel is better than pochade box...unless painting in the car!...3.-Squinting IS reeaally important.... 4.- edges are key...need to pay more attention...5.-I am soooo lucky to get to do this today....and so on,and so on....

A Gathering - my October 3 - plein air

6x6" oil on masonite. Ever since starting this little project its been cold and rainy! must admit, wimping out and stayed IN the car to paint this morning - just let the dog out to run around....which he didnt! he just sat there waiting for me to get out.
This yucky weather is ruining everyones weekend plans here in NE but it makes for great saturated color - I did 3 today and could have painted all day...I like this challenge.
happy weekend !!

Leaving Summer 3 - leaving summer behind series - beach scenes

16x16 oil on birch panel.
3 ladies leaving the beach. painted on a blue ground for the first time ever. such a different experience than my usual cad red lit.! fun though - parts of this are painted real thin and in other areas I used a palette knife and really laid it on thick. happy with the results but not this photo.

Leaving Summer 2 - leaving summer behind series - beach scenes

6x6 oil
another study - and with this one I figured something portray 'leaving' it doesnt really matter which direction the figure is going in but rather how much space is behind! with more beach behind - it looks like the figure is leaving, when there is more beach in the front - it conveys coming. and it would be even better if the shadow was trailing behind too...

Leaving Summer 1 - leaving summer behind series - beach scenes

6x6" oil on gessobord
Starting a new series - Leaving Summer Behind - the first few will be small ones - studies really for some larger paintings. What strikes me with this one is that she is walking to the left - which seems like she is coming not going. does that make any sense? think the rest should be walking to the right.....

Pink Hoodie -daily painting, beach scene

5x7 - oil on wood panel.
Almost done with the large painting....are they ever really done? sometimes I have to say 'back away from the easel' - so its basically done - now it just has to dry and get ready to go to its new home in Germany!

this is a little one just finished with the 'extra' palette paint. It needs a better title. Christin got any ideas??

next up: a new series called "Leaving Summer". Stay tuned!!

Hello Cupcake - daily painting,cupcakes

6x6" oil on wood panel. Hello Cupcake - s

Sept. 1 - back at it. back to the comfort of a routine. Back to painting, blogging and feeding hungry teenage boys after school ..... who hate to hear " Those aren't for you, those are to paint! - besides have you seen how they petrify? have an apple instead"....


hello. back to the painting full time next week - can't wait!!! Bunch of stuff going on at once of course and all should be making an appearence soon...
- a big...huge... commission. I'll share it when its finished!
- my website
- a new series: "Leaving Summer"
- teaching Kindergarten Art xo
- cards and prints
-and more!

and today the lovely Claudia Finn mentioned me on her blog! always honored and flattered when that happens. thank you Claudia! check out her blog here or at the link on the right.

Be back soon!!

towel #6 towel series,beach scene

8x10" oil on panel.

totally lost myself in this one - by that I mean, painting this I was completely lost in thought - thinking about everything else EXCEPT the painting. Love it when that happens.

This day, my thoughts were of painting big - making panels and stretching canvas - supplies that are needed, how fun it is to paint big and how energizing it is.

Stepping back and looking at the painting created it feels like my thoughts

towel 4 -beach towel series

10x10 oil on panel
towel as skirt. not sure how many of these I'll do - need to do a few more smaller ones for this series and some mid size too.....

summer always plays with my painting time but always opens up time for other creative things too- which is always great...
if you are my friend on facebook than youve already seen these pond photos - thought I'ld share them here too so you'll understand when I switch gears from beach scenes to ponds and fish :)

pond with fountain that I made from a lamp base,plant stand and then hung beads and crystalssharpie pen on beach rocks by the ponds edge

the other lady of the house

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