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My blog is 10 years old now!  She deserves an update and an update she will get!!
Let me know if there is anything you would like me to add or remove and any other thoughts

also if you get my email updates - I'm thinking about removing that feature and doing a quarterly newsletter update instead.


Who - whose dyed their eggs? - onion skin egg dying

onion skin dyed egg, easter egg, owl and the pussycat

update - I am reposting this because it is time to start saving those onion skins!!  I'm going to make a new batch this year so check back to see what I come up with OR sign up for my newsletter (in the column on the right) or follow me on instagram

Have you ever dyed eggs with onion skins?  Not only is it Eco-friendly, and creates the most gorgeous shade of red,  its just so science experimenty cool.

easter eggs in egg cups, onion skin dyed eggs, owl and the pussycat

After they are colored - I etch them with an old scratch board tool. These three were done - 18 years or so ago! - left uncracked the insides dry out and it sounds like a marble is inside.

onion skin dyed easter eggs, dragon, owl and the pussy cat

My designs are: Owl and the Pussycat, a maiden on horseback stopping a dragon, and a chicken wearing a ribbon that says " which came first" : )

owl and pussy cat, white horse, easter eggs, onion skin dyed eggs

Yesterday I dyed a new batch and hope to etch them tomorrow. Here's how I do it - ( Ive heard red cabbages makes a beautiful blue dye - got to try that!!)

onion skins, easter egg dye

All it takes is:

1/4 cup vinegar,
1 quart h2o
and the SKINS from about 15 yellow onions (yes yellow!! this makes red, trust me)

onion skins for egg dying

Put all three in a pot and bring to a boil, then simmer for about 30 min.
After that, strain the skins - some people let the dye cool, but I am way too impatient for that !
In go the eggs and bring to boil again.

Then shut off the heat and let them sit - the longer they sit, the deeper the red.
eggs in onion skin egg dye

Easy Peasy.
Now you are ready to etch in a design - be careful not to poke through the shell, use care to scratch away and reveal the white.
Have fun!  Show me how you did by posting a photo on instagram and tagging me!!

I'll let you know how the cabbage goes...


Studio Secret -find out what I do with leftover paint

plastic plate, paint palette, cheap art supplies
Studio Secret:  What I do with leftover paint:
Leaving big globs of OIL paint on the palette is fine - you can come back later and it is still usable... 
Which is one of the many reasons I LOVE oils but sometimes I do use acrylics for their speedy dry time and all that leftover paint on the palette cannot be saved...   Who can live with all that waste?

Not this granddaughter of a depression era woman who made her own clothes and curtains, canned her own home grown fruits and veg. and saved all her rubber bands in a jar on the window sill.  Wasting perfectly good paint would have annoyed her and it annoys me too.


So I started taking the old paint and brushing and smearing it onto extra panels that were just lying about.  Not paying any attention to what it looked like  - just building layers.
After a while, actual paintings started to emerge and now its just part of my studio process.

close ups below
painting process, abstract art, paint
After a while these panels were starting to look like actual contemporary art and I like them.
abstract art, paintings, beach painting, blue

abstract art, blue, white, black, painting
So don't let that extra paint go to waste!  Turn it into abstract art!

abstract art, white tulips, vintage blue vase

abstract painting, contemporary art, blue and white

art, decorating with abstract art, lamps, black wall,

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