Searching - beach painting, debbie miller, blue,green,sand

30x30 oil on panel
 Searching the beach, searching for something.  This is on a large cradled panel. The image is from one of my older little beach studies.  Always loved the image and now its been reborn in a new way.  Below you can see how I printed the old image and tacked it up for my inspiration.  Then things just happened. Clearly influenced by a visit to my brothers studio and his new encaustic assemblages he has been doing lately.
 I am liking where things are going. 

Great Island , Wellfleet - debbie miller,beach,blue green

12 x12" oil on panel.  This was a commission and it comes with a special message from Lindsey :

"Happy Birthday to the most wonderful and loving fiance I could have asked for!  It's on Great Island that you made me the happiest person the world, and I can't wait to make memories together in the years ahead on Cape Cod and beyond."   

I have the best job. 

My Garden Shed

colorful garden shed, artist's potting shed, green, trellis, cupola, Debbie Miller
Ahh summer....  this year I decided to trick out my boring shed.  It is in a dark corner of our yard under a large maple tree - so nothing can grow!  So it needed some color to make it pop.
 Easy - I love color.

Then I added the trellis and shelf on the side for pots.
(The other side has some old windows and a bird house near the peak.)

To top it off - the weather vane and cupola.
A vintage find that was covered in black and white paint - I stripped that off and it revealed a copper roof - yay!  You can't see it in this photo but the weather vane is a dog.  Perfect.

Why have a plain jane little shed when its so easy to give her some style?!

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