Two-fer - daily painting,beach scene

6x6"sold oil on masonite trying out a buy now button on each post for a while, this should make it easier to purchase a painting before the post gets picked up by Daily Painters. So for those of you lovely regulars out there who pop into my blog,now you wont have to wait until the next day and link over -although you can if you want :).

Next Set -daily painting,beach scene

6x6" oil on gessoboard sold
The colors of this dont look right on my screen and rather than play with it, I'm going to do laundry :) so please take my word that this looks GREAT in person. (its greener) I was chatting on the phone with a friend and painted this and I love it. These 'in the surf' scenes never bore me. In fact I want to paint a bunch of big ones this summer. Ive gotten picked up by a new gallery(more info on this later) which wants my beachy scenes except bigger so over the next few weeks I'll be focusing on that - still will have some little ones when time allows.

From Charlottes Garden

12x12" oil on gessoboard $300
My friend Charlotte came over with 4 bouquets of flowers this morning- knowing I would have fun painting them. - and I did! I'll share the rest next week... below is another poem by Nick, he wrote this last year about our time in chatham mass.
After a couple of busy painting days I'm taking the weekend off for a much needed break. So Happy Fathers Day to all -especially- my Dad! Heres to a great weekend

Beach Boys -daily painting,plein air,beach series

6x6" oil on gessoboard

I had such a nice day, hope you don't mind if I share some of it. First, this little plein air was done at the end of my nice day(again not so great photo of it) - my middle son needed 450 small black rocks for his 'Business America' project - due tomorrow- so off to the RISD beach we went. Knowing looking for that many rocks might take awhile... I brought along my thumb box and asked him and his younger brother to pick a subject and they both said "paint us" (duh - the usual answer :)) So... here they is looking for rocks, the other is skipping rocks. It was absolutely gorgeous out AND no bickering....peace, ahh...take it when I get it.
Earlier I had the pleasure of painting with my niece Mirabel and then went to my youngest school play...scenery done with the kids and my friends Mimi and Katrin. I'm going to savor today for a bit....I am so lucky.


beach blues -daily painting,beach scene

6x6" oil on gessoboard sold

A little one painted at the beach today with fellow blogger/artist Kelley Mac Donald. -which was fun-thanks for the white paint and good company Kelley!

Its hot, even with our AC on its hot. Too hot to think of a good title or anything interesting to say ;) All I can think of is "Gosh it's hot" said like the abominable snow rabbit, bugs bunny cartoon...


6x6" oil on gessoboard NFS

This photo doesnt do this little painting justice at all. It is so yummy in person with rich color that I just cant seem to capture with my camera/computer today. A sweet mom from NC sent me this photo of her favorite guys and I just had to paint it. Love the "Pete and Re-Pete", father/son following in his footsteps,pure joy image - especially this time of year.

Also today I framed 6 paintings. This is my favorite way to frame them so I thought I'ld they looked sooooo good sitting on my mantle and again the picture doesnt do them justice...its so pretty in person - all the blues and greens, my favorite little Foo Dogs and vase too. If you are interested in any of these paintings and are looking for a nice outing head down to Tiverton 4Corners in RI and check them out at the Donovan Gallery - you can get a delicious icecream at Gray's ice cream across the street and there are lots of other great shops and galleries in the area - not to mention gorgeous scenery too!
Enjoy your weekend everyone!!

Name in the Sand - daily painting, beach series

6x6" oil on gessoboardsold
A name in the sand. Everyone does this at the beach at one time or another. My boys are prone to making their names as big as possible,for all the world to see.
June already - wow. lots to do. Changing focus a bit for the summer, I'll be working more on some bigger paintings so might not be as regular with the little ones but I'll give it a shot.
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