The Journey - My October - 6,plein air,landscape

10"x20" oil on canvas. $400
They say its all about the journey..... couldnt agree more. this little challenge for myself - painting outside everyday from life - is teaching me so much...for one thing I REALLY like painting outside...2.- french easel is better than pochade box...unless painting in the car!...3.-Squinting IS reeaally important.... 4.- edges are key...need to pay more attention...5.-I am soooo lucky to get to do this today....and so on,and so on....

A Gathering - my October 3 - plein air

6x6" oil on masonite. Ever since starting this little project its been cold and rainy! must admit, wimping out and stayed IN the car to paint this morning - just let the dog out to run around....which he didnt! he just sat there waiting for me to get out.
This yucky weather is ruining everyones weekend plans here in NE but it makes for great saturated color - I did 3 today and could have painted all day...I like this challenge.
happy weekend !!

Leaving Summer 3 - leaving summer behind series - beach scenes

16x16 oil on birch panel.
3 ladies leaving the beach. painted on a blue ground for the first time ever. such a different experience than my usual cad red lit.! fun though - parts of this are painted real thin and in other areas I used a palette knife and really laid it on thick. happy with the results but not this photo.

Leaving Summer 2 - leaving summer behind series - beach scenes

6x6 oil
another study - and with this one I figured something portray 'leaving' it doesnt really matter which direction the figure is going in but rather how much space is behind! with more beach behind - it looks like the figure is leaving, when there is more beach in the front - it conveys coming. and it would be even better if the shadow was trailing behind too...
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