Last One In... SOLD

6x6" oil on masonite panel sold
Last One in the water, last one for the month of Aug. I'm taking a long weekend. Be back with more of these next Tuesday


6x8" oil on masonite panel
I know painting little kids at the beach is a cliche BUT this is my life, its what I did and my kids and friends kids do now. Now that the end of summer is near I feel like painting these beach scenes, kinda like a tourist taking home shells or sand to try and capture a bit of the magic of a summer at the beach. My oldest son is 13 and well, his beach enthusiasm has changed a bit but when he was little, this was him, running back and forth with a truck.


6x6" oil on masonite panel

Still need to finish up a commission, making new panels, waiting for frames so I can frame more for the gallery,trying to get organized before school starts...its a little crazy right now. I think I'll be a sporadic painter/poster for the next few days, bare with me until I can get the groove back (other wise known as 'Back to School' :-)! )

A Bunch of Friends

6x6" oil on masonite panel
One of the best things about painting is how it can be like least for me, but I suspect it is like that for other artists as well. Your mind has a task to focus on. For this it was really trying hard NOT to zoom in and crop like I usually do. It was hard! Also, I think about alot of other stuff when I paint. While working on this I was thinking about how I draw Black Eyed Susans ALL the time in my doodles and sketchbooks and have for years. They are like old friends, I know them so well. Then I was thinking about if all the Susan's out there in the world like these flowers or not? I'll have to ask the Susan I know. Lastly, I was thinking "Why didnt I crop and make a more interesting composition?!"
Coolest thing about daily painting is ...tomorrow! another day, another painting. Tomorrow I crop!


6x6" oil on masonite panel

A cooked crab on a paper plate. How summery is that? Had some time alone today and did a couple little paintings outside on my deck. Everyone got home while I was working on this so I stopped here. I just love how summery this is.
Also today, Marissa, a very creative and BUSY artist over at Creative Thursday posted a picture I sent to her of one of her little panda prints I bought and put in my sons room. Check it out. I listen to her podcasts when I need a little dose of creative spark. thanks Marissa!

A Beach Life

6x6" oil on masonite panel
It was windy at the beach today but I brought my paint and was determined to get a painting done...inspite of the fact that I spilled a whole jar of medium in my backpack and only brought a paper palette, which is a really bad idea in the wind! I had 2 of my boys and 2 of their friends so while they were busy hunting for blue crabs (see below) I set up shop out of the wind near the parking lot and beach roses and this is what I came up with. I actually really like this. I'm going to try to photograph it again. It is very hard to capture some paintings correctly.

Beach Talk SOLD

6x6"oil on masonite panel sold
A plein air again at the beach. I was feeling a little under the weather today but it was so pretty this evening, I grabbed my paint and headed out. Really, I'm Supposed to be working on a commission but just cant seem to get going on it. (hate it when that happens). Also, I was just going to paint a landscape...the cloud, water, grass...but this couple walked by and I couldnt resist putting them in...seems I have a 'thing' for people.... I'm looking forward to the fall and really getting into painting again. It is difficult with all the boys home and hardly a routine But its all good, and I'm painting waaay more than ever.

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