P#16 -Sophmore2 -portraits

16x24" oil Sophmore
have to give a little shout out to my boys - I mean its hard enough to be a teenager these days without your Mom painting pictures of you and plastering them all over the internet!! They are good guys for putting up with me.

And thanks to all of you who have been following my blog and especially those that have been leaving comments! Ive been laxed in responding but want you to know i read them all and love you for them!

P#10 -Teddy -portraits,do what you love february

6x6" oil
heres a couple things you should know about this:
-Teddy is the artist of my bunch and also the big critic...so I had to work extra hard on this one
-the green background is 'bamboo' green of course
- my boys eyes - especially Teddy's -are very dark - to make them look 'right' I have to lighten them a bit
-the eye on the left is my favorite part
-weird photo of this painting - all that yellow/green is difficult to photograph - its better in person
-I am in for the crit of my life when school is over :)

P#4 - beach boy -children playing at the beach,portraits

6x6" oil
Portrait #4 - some quick portrait studies today then spent the rest of my studio time basecoating some larger portraits. - raw umber glaze underpaintings over the red ground.
3 so far - think I will work on them all at once. This feb. challenge was for a portrait a day - yikes its hard! - especially if I go big - but Oh So Fun!

P-#2 - Yellow Dress, figurative,do what you love february

6x6" oil.
Portrait #2. Yellow Dress. love this project. Painting this small isnt going to cut it. too restricting, so I'm priming some bigger panels.

In every painting there is a spot that I fall in love with - all painters are like that, although Ive never asked any - I can just tell :).
For me on this painting its the yellow of her dress on the shoulder. no reason really - just love that part

#1 feb. Portrait -,people Do What You Love - February

4x10" oil .

Over on facebook weve got a little group going for the month - a 'do something creative, something that you love a little every day' kinda thing.

For me -since i already paint a lot - its all about faces,people,portraits - a favorite subject of mine and also getting back to doing it EVERYDAY.

So bear with me while i get my portrait chops back and maybe you'll be inspired to do something too!!
Facebook Do What You Love - February
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