Summer Color

6x8" oil on masonite

Winter outside, daydreaming inside. Todays inpiration:

"I want to be where the talk of the town

Is about last night when the sun went down

And the trees all dance

And the warm wind blows in that same old sound

And the water below gives a gift to the sky

And the clouds give back every time they cry

And make the grass grow green beneath my toes

And if the sun comes out

I'll paint a picture all about

The colors I've been dreaming of

The hours just don't seem enough
To put it all together

Maybe it's as strange as it seems"

-Jack Johnson -lyrics from "Talk of the Town"

Spring Contained

6x8" oil on masonite

My son Teddy is like me (and many others in my family ) a nature lover. He knows tons about animals and birds, he's constantly filling up buckets with small creatures he finds, he's got a 'bird sketchbook' he's been working on and is trying to turn our house into a 'nature lab'-like the one at RISD which we love to visit. This is one of his finds - a little chickadee nest he found after a wind storm - (fyi-its illegal to take a nest out of a tree or bush, this one was on our driveway).

He's upgraded his presentation from old salsa jars to my wedding china and a handblown glass cloche, an idea he stole directly from my mother whose got another bigger nest he found displayed the same way. So the question is...if he's 'nature boy' does that make me 'Mother Nature'???

Following Her Bliss

8x10" collage, paper,ink,paint
a collage OR the ART of procrastination :-)
feeling a bit under the weather and getting ready to start some bigger paintings (a bit scary) and working on some projects not to mention the boys,home,pets,husband. anyhoo, somepeople shop or clean , I doodle, cut and least for today. back to the paints later.

Together -Again

6x6" oil on masonite

dang its hard to come up with titles everyday. -and to paint something interesting too
-especially lately, preoccupied with some other projects and wondering what the 'Dog Whisperer' would say about my dog breaking his metal collar today when he dashed at a squirrell on our walk....our 90 min. walk/run/and training session - which was going real well until "SNAP"!


6x6" oil on masonite SOLD
Rex the Pug. Isnt he the best? Throughtout art history pugs were the most popular dog to paint. I can see why, so much fun! This is a commission I did of a beloved pet and have to admit I enjoy doing these. So, I welcome more to anyone interested in having a portrait of their favorite pooch. just send me an email inquiry.

Sled Dogs Waiting

6x6" oil on masonite

At the race, there were lots of mixed breed dogs(my favorite 'kind' of dog), part huskie,part hound,part shepard. Big and fast. The huskies though, they 'spoke' to me. Maybe its the intensity of their eyes or their coloring, or their 'wolf'ness, seeming to be one beat away from wild, touching my 'nature girl' nerve.

favorite part of this painting is the back dog's eye and bridge of nose. also the painterly-ness and intense color. back to tending to my sick son and neglected laundry pile...

Heart of Snow

Looks like I spoke too soon. I'm busy with some commissions and making new panels so no new art today. dang.

If you are a regular reader you know about my heart rocks, well last week while standing in the middle of a frozen lake watching the sled dogs, I looked down and this was what I saw. cool huh.

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