Shell Seekers

The Shell Seekers - 16"x16" oil.
Long time followers of my blog will remember this one.  Original called Leaving Summer Behind  3 but to me it has always looked like April Vacation- still chilly but wishful beach thinking.  It has been  out at a home decor shop for a while but now is back in the studio.  I like having it around.  It represents a turning point in my painting and that is nice to revisit. 
Yours if you want it however - very very few paintings make the "I'm keeping this one" pile. Here is the link to purchase
It is framed beautifully too - in a simple wood frame made by a carpenter. (not one of my super simple wood frames!)

Art in Windows

Local friends driving through Warren, RI might have noticed some art showing up in the empty storefronts.
On Saturday Warren hosted the RI Statewide Preservation Conference and we all thought the empty storefronts on Main St. needed a little sprucing up for this special event.   The art won't be up for long (unfortunately) so stroll by the windows and have a look soon.

Big Hat

30x30 oil on canvas
When I sit and do all my computer duties in the studio, this lady and her big beach hat  is on the wall.  It is still one of my favorites but I would love to find her a good home.

Easter Eggs

Going through boxes of my grandmother's things, my mother found this "birth" day egg.  It was given to my grandmother in the hospital after my mother was born - which was the day after Easter that year. (1940 )
Probably it was dyed pink and has turned brown over the years. I imagine the nurses dyed blue and pink eggs for all the babies born then and gave them to the new moms.
 Cool or weird?  I'm on the fence.  Have to respect the writing on the egg with marker pen though!!  Did they have Sharpies back then?

                                Looking for more current egg decorating inspiration?  take a look:

1. onion skin eggs , 2.white sharpie eggs, sharpie eggs, 4. paint and sharpie eggs

Teach Art Tuesdays -Painting School Play Scenery with kids

Back when my boys were in elementary school I was the go-to artist/mom for school play scenery.
Once "they" know you are an artist, you get asked to do all sorts of school projects.  Sound familiar fellow artist/moms?

 I have 9 years of school play backdrops with my sons classes and now 6 years of kindergarten play scenery as an art teacher....that is 15 painted backdrops under my belt !  *phew*

My philosophy on this project has always been - the kids will paint it. 
Based on the play and what the teachers want, I come up with a drawing and guide groups of kids to paint the backdrop...each and every kid.  They love painting BIG and are so proud of the results.  It is A LOT of work keeping things and the kids from going crazy but so worth it. 

Daily Rituals

nfdp - I've been thinking about daily rituals and habits lately. Particularly how I can adjust mine at the studio to help me get into the task at hand - painting.
Right now my routine is pretty much : unlock the door, sign-in (I keep a sign-in sheet by the door and keep track of my hours) and turn on the light by the tea kettle.
I flick on the tea kettle then go light a candle on my table -
then I go over to plug in my twinkle lights around the window
then I go grab the tea and put on my painting shirt.  I do this every time I come in the studio.
It is my little routine or habit or whatever you want to call it (neurosis?)  What are your daily habits that you do when you hit the studio or need to start a creative process?
I found this page of Ben Franklin's routine - so interesting!

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