Making a boring wall the star of the show...

We did a little furniture rearranging recently which left this boring wall in the dining room.  Our little 1949 ranch is lacking in architectural detail so I am constantly trying to add some interest in other ways.  Plus who doesn't love some DIY when the weather is cold? 

I decided being bold was the only option - so up went the chalkboard paint and then an eclectic grouping of frames over that. - First I just had to add some paint to those too...

 So happy with it.  Even my teenage boys approve.  The light bounces around from the sliders at the right and at night it reflects the chandelier and candles.  I'll be able to switch the wall up all the time too - adding text and drawings with chalk.  So fun and dramatic and really the only cost was for a small quart of chalkboard paint.  A lot of bang for the buck and now a boring wall is the star of the show. 

A Little Beach -#1,2014

6x6" oil

We could all use a little beach right now couldn't we?  This January has been brutal with this COLD! 
.  There isn't even a speck of spring fever in me yet but it would be nice to zip off to the beach just for a bit. 
Now I LOVE winter - I really really do but this cold kind of stinks.  So painting the beach is the next best thing (yeah right)

What's happening.

What's Happening?  Good question!  Not a lot of little bird paintings, that's for sure.  That fizzled.
Oh well.  My list of New Year Goals was waaay to long anyhoo.  - What am I? Super Woman?

 I'm in a little painting/creating/ funk and all I hear in my head is Cher's voice from Moonstruck saying "Snap out of it"  

What do you do to snap out of a creative funk?

Snowy Owls!

I love winter in RI and today is exactly why.  40 and sunny - perfect for a walk/run and oh yeah, checking out Snowy Owls.  Today I hit the jackpot and saw 3.  I was there for the exercise so unfortunately didn't have my good camera.  To see some great photos of a snowy in Providence check out this blog : 

Bird with Ribbon #1 - Debbie Miller

mixed media on watercolor paper

Wait, what?  a watercolor! 
Yup.  I actually did 3 of my favorite little backyard bird, the Junco.  So cute. 
This is the first -  for some unknown reason I always draw birds with ribbons  - seriously ALWAYS.
There is no explaining this.  It just happens.  The branches - yeah, they just happen too. 

As soon as I get more ink and get my nice printer and ETSY shop up and running again, I'll offer these up as prints.  I feel more of these coming along.

Journal Pages -Debbie Miller

 Journal.  Sketchbook.  Same thing right?
One of my goals for 2014 is to use mine more - a lot really.
 Doodle, sketch, write ,draw, paint.  Yes,yes and yes.

Here is what I did this morning...obviously Snowy Owls are on my mind.  I'm counting this as one of my 30/30 birds - meanwhile in the studio I've been busy prepping big panels to continue with my Swimmers series but today on this chilly day a cup of tea, a warm blanket and something good to read seems to be more like it.
I've got just the thing to read - the Jan./Feb. issue of Yankee Magazine because there is an article about my uncle and couIsin!!!  page 15.
 So Cool!!!

They are The Stove Doctors -  sure would like one of their stoves today! 
check out  their WEBSITEHERE are some great photos too.

Snowy Owl #7 - 30/30 Debbie Miller6"x8"

6"x8" oil on panel Click HERE to Purchase

Now this looks like a painting straight out of my sketchbook and truth is it is my favorite  - It's Day 7 of the 30 in 30 challenge - so far so good - I think I will continue with this bird/owl theme and push it further, see where else I can go besides the literal.  Maybe.  The point is (at least for Me) is to not think about it and just paint.  Paint a little painting then jump back into the big fun stuff.  Can't wait to see what week 2 brings

Snowy Owl #6 -30/30 Debbie Miller

6"x8" oil on panel  Click HERE to Purchase
This might be due to the large amounts of football watched this weekend but  ALL I can think of when  looking at this Snowy Owl #6 is "the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field"

 Said mimicking that great NFL films voice of course.

It wasn't all football all the time though - I did manage some studio time, The Downton Abbey Premier and traveled up to Boston to drop off paintings at The Copley Society of Art for The New Member Show

Snowy Owl #4 - 30/30 Debbie Miller

6x6" oil on wood panel Click HERE to Purchase
The invasion or irruption of the Snowy Owls continues.  Not just here on my blog  - have you heard about THIS?
Best chance in years to see one - so bundle up, grab some binocs and get out there!

read more on Snowy Owls HERE

Snowy Owl #2 - 30/30, Debbie Miller

Click HERE to Purchase
Snowy Owl #2 - 6"x6" oil on wood panel, $100

No idea why there is a blue square behind him, there just is.  Stuff happens.  The thing with these little 30/30 paintings is that I'm not over thinking them - just painting, in the same way I journal or doodle in my sketchbook.  Just owls and paint for the fun of it and really is there a better way to spend a wintry day? 

New Moon Love


Wait,what?  TWO posts in one day??  Overachieving on my New Years Resolution.  I'm such a teacher's pet.

 Just remembered that it is a new moon today - how cool is that?  New year, new moon, new everything.   2014 isn't wasting anytime being totally awesome.  I love that and I love all my blog readers, collectors, fellow artists, friends - all of you are totally awesome too.  Let's rock this 2014.

Snowy Owl #1 - 30/30 challenge, Debbie Miller

6"x6" oil on wood panel
Happy New Year Everyone!

Jumping right into things here.  The goals are set - complete with deadlines - because without a deadline, goals just float around in the abyss mocking me with their elusiveness.   Must. Make. Deadlines.

Helping me out with the goals of "regular studio hours", "painting ALOT if not daily" "exploring ideas that have been stewing"  ...I decided to join up with Leslie Saeta and tackle 30 paintings in 30 days.  No Biggie, right? I've done it before - just not lately.

Subject matter - birds.  The bird thing has been brewing for a while - more on this later - So this seems like a good time to explore.  These 30/30 paintings will be little and available through me - not my usual gallery stuff, although don't worry I'll be posting those here too.  I'm starting off with oils but other media will be popping up too.  

If you want to purchase this click on the button below
If you want to see who else is doing the 30/30 challenge go HERE
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