March Beach 2, daily painting,landscape,plein air, Debbie Miller

6x6" oil on panel
#2 - oh hello little little beach plein air. - so painting outside when it's 38 degrees IS possible but you better be quick!  my fingers were getting cold.  The simplicity of this one is what I like - plus I LOVE this color palette right now...this would be great BIG - like 30x30 or more- above a couch.  Don't you think?
(It is a little more subdued in person)

March beach, plein air, Debbie Miller

6x6" oil on panel
 Today is my teaching day - so no painting today.  But last week, I got to the beach and did a couple of quick plein air paintings.  It was 38 degrees and a little windy but I managed.  The above painting was my first.  Tomorrow I'll post the second I did - quicker and more simple - but I like it.
 my supervisor and my set up.  Sat in the sand with my box.  My french easel broke plus it was a little too windy.

Sitting in the Morning Sun - pink,figure,abstract,debbie miller

24"x30" acrylic on panel

 Playing with acrylics today - my painting is turning a corner, evolving, changing.  This more abstract direction is challenging and fun.
 Makes we want to hurry up and paint- more more more - just to see where this takes me.
   It's something to be excited about - bigger-bolder-freer.

 Still holding on to the figure, perhaps a little too tightly.  Let me tell you - this way of painting is not easy! - it is hard to make it look effortless or the way it is in my mind - that is where the fun comes in.  Switched to acrylic because of the quick dry time as I hope to put a nice thick layer of gloss varnish over the top.

Don't worry the other work - my portraits and beach scenes will still be around but peppered in will be more of these.
in the studio


10x10 oil on panel
painted Jenn tonight. - even without my lucky paintbrush.

My first post from the blogger app on my phone!!
How exciting!

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