Low Tide, beach painting, Debbie Miller

beach painting, beach scene
6x6" oil
My favorite of these little beach paintings that I have available.  I am working on larger works at the moment, so I will post these until some of those are camera ready.

A new website is in the works complete with my own shop but for now I've listed this and a few more in my ETSY shop.  I am trying that out for ease of purchasing and such.

check it out HERE

Fresh Start 2017

stack of paper, illustration, fresh start

Here's the thing - I hate New Year's Eve and those 'year in review' shows all over the news really bug me but New Year's Day, now that I love.
I love the idea of a fresh start and making resolutions and looking ahead.
I love green smoothies and recommitting to healthier living.
I love packing away the Holidays and cleaning out the fridge.
Mostly I love taking everything off my studio bulletin board and hanging a new calendar.

Yesterday I put on some good music and cleaned my space, organized and made a to-do list.
Love, love, love.

This year I've got some big painting goals but also I decided to commit to a daily practice of doing one little drawing.  Nothing fancy, just a little morning doodle to start my day.
Everyday for 365.
I post each one to my instagram account if you want to follow along.

Happy New Year!


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