Reader Santa, debbie miller, beach

painting of Santa Claus at the beach reading, santa at the beach painting
painting of Santa Claus at the beach reading, beach painting of Santa, red ribbon
6x6" oil on panel
When I originally started painting these Santas I always thought of them reading the paper or a book, now I'm thinking Santa is sitting there with a reader, an iPad or a phone

Whichever, he looks relaxed.  Not sure what it is but I've got the itch to deck the halls early this year.


Update : I'm having some serious computer issues and also can't update my blog from my phone.  Hope to figure this out soon and start posting again!

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Rest up Santa

6x6" oil on panel SOLD
I am a firm believer in enjoying October to it's fullest fall glory so I hate to even look at a Santa BUT
that time or year is right around the corner.  This is my last little beach Santa that is still kicking around the studio.  I might paint up a few to have for sale during Warren Walkabout.
For sure there will be lots of little paintings that make great gifts though.

Rest Up Santa, busy day is coming.

October is here finally

6x6" oil on panel.

Everyone's favorite month is here!  Hooray.
October means it's time for another Warren Walkabout  - my studio will be open and I've decided to have a little sale.  My studio is not huge and I'ld really like to move some of my older paintings out to make room in the studio and in my head for more art!!
Come by and grab some art for gifts!!
This year Walkabout is on October 23.

Little Beach

6x6" oil on panel

Beach Day with the BFFs.   No, seriously - we have been friends FOR EVER and today we get to hang at the beach together just like old times.  What is better than that?

Shell Seekers, and finally a blog post!

 18x18 Oil on panel
What is this, a blog post?  Yes it is.  We won't even talk about how long it's been, let's just move along.

I'm going to try and get my blogging mojo back over the next couple of weeks so bare with me.  My studio building is open next thursday (august 25) as part of the Art Walk and I am thinking about opening my studio doors and having a big clearance sale of some of my paintings that are still kicking around the studio - the smaller ones and the paintings that don't fit into my current series or where my head is currently at art wise.

It is time to clear the cobwebs!

Not sure if I will do this or not so stay tuned!!  but pssst - this one is a great deal!! and it has a frame

stay cool

Flap Happy - a coloring book, Debbie Miller

Well the class I'm taking sure is kicking my ass.  Illustration is HARD!  Here is my first assignment for Lilla Roger's MATSBootcamp 2016.  Using our sketches of twenties hair styles we had to create a coloring book cover.  I went with a collage of faces because faces are my comfort zone and it sparked joy more than my first attempt :
I love the original collage! 
Totally inspired by this assignment!!  Follow me on instagram to see more or click here

Illustration Bootcamp

I was fortunate to win a free spot in Lilla Rogers Make Art That Sells Bootcamp!!  
So for the next 5 months I will be busy tapping into my Illustration roots. 
 I'm so excited about this because it really has been since college that I've flexed these muscles except for my sketchbooks. 
 It will be so fun to see what comes out of this class and how my style will emerge and evolve.
Our first assignment focuses on the hair styles of the 1920's  - kinda my wheelhouse so I'm diving right in

My painting is still happening - don't worry - I am painting away in the studio getting some big art ready for the summer.

follow me on instagram where I'll be posting about both projects almost daily

Summer. Abstract painting, Debbie Miller

Acrylic on panel 24x24"

People are my jam.  I mean I paint them and draw them ALL the time.  Can't get enough.  When I'm talking to someone I am preoccupied with how to paint them, what colors in their skin.  Painting people is my jam.

But lately in my studio I have been putting on music and painting like this.    Abstract. 
 Getting lost in the colors, the materials and the vibe.  Kinda loving it.  
Abstract summer is my new jam.

Sketchbook Peek

I am a smitten kitten over my new sketchbook. 
Isn't she cute?  It is square which I LOVE and the pages are thicker than the usual - 140 instead of 90 I think.  That means it takes paint much better - no warping!! 
and my latest drawing obsession: Dudes with Beards.
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Soon I will be doing an instagram painting giveaway so don't miss out

Pssst - sale! "Pig tails" beach painting, Debbie Miller

 20x20" oil on canvas

Cleaning my studio and clearing my head to make room for some new art.  Bigger art and a more free vibe.
My studio space is not huge and longer than wider - it is only 10 ft wide!
 Space is at a premium, especially storage space for paintings. 
So over the next week or two I will be posting some here for sale ON SALE in the hopes that they will find good homes and get up on some walls to be seen!

This is the first and honestly I love this painting.  The pigtails, the color, it works.  Link to purchase is below.

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