hello. back to the painting full time next week - can't wait!!! Bunch of stuff going on at once of course and all should be making an appearence soon...
- a big...huge... commission. I'll share it when its finished!
- my website
- a new series: "Leaving Summer"
- teaching Kindergarten Art xo
- cards and prints
-and more!

and today the lovely Claudia Finn mentioned me on her blog! always honored and flattered when that happens. thank you Claudia! check out her blog here or at the link on the right.

Be back soon!!

towel #6 towel series,beach scene

8x10" oil on panel.

totally lost myself in this one - by that I mean, painting this I was completely lost in thought - thinking about everything else EXCEPT the painting. Love it when that happens.

This day, my thoughts were of painting big - making panels and stretching canvas - supplies that are needed, how fun it is to paint big and how energizing it is.

Stepping back and looking at the painting created it feels like my thoughts
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