Four in Gold Frames

I'm trying to get a large sized commission done that needs to be shipped to London for Christmas... among others.  Distracted by that work, I missed the deadline for a show.  (hey, it happens)
 I framed these little cuties in gold this time and I will offer them here this week instead- so stay tuned!!

Loving gold frames again - I went through a " I hate gold frames" phase but they really do set off these very well and they make really nice Christmas gifts.
(psssst.....normally my framed paintings this size are $300 - these will be offered for $200 - consider it a pre-holiday 
sale) edit: $300 each painting/$200 eachsale

White Pumpkins


I'm dreaming of a white pumpkin...  ok, ok, I've got all my holidays jumbled right now.  Who can blame me?, it was JUST Halloween, and now it is snowing on November 2 and Christmas movies are playing on the Hallmark Channel (don't ask me how I know this)
White pumpkins are the fall harvest gift that keeps on giving - great for Halloween but they are a much easier to live with color than the bright orange jack o lanterns.  
Best things to hit the farm stands since seedless watermelons. 


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