Giving it a whirl -again - Debbie Miller

"Twirl" 30x30 oil on panel $2700

Hello.   This is my twirl girl.  Remember that?  Just twirling around for the fun of it.  You got dizzy and laughed out loud. I don't know about you but I could use some more twirling for the fun of it in my life.

So anyhoo - I feel like blogging again - not just the popping in every now and then kind but making friends with my blog and the whole process of "blogging" again - It's alot, this posting paintings - all the steps it takes to get an image on the screen - not to mention the ACTUAL painting process!
  It's also in a way relaxing and focuses me to the task at hand.  I've been hanging out with my friend Leigh over at and some other rockin creatives- we're getting our money mojo on and through the process of the class, I've realized that I miss my blog. 

 Hello blog - giving it a whirl again...and maybe a twirl too, you know- for fun.

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karenrand said...

I'm loving it, Deb... thank you SO MUCH for the inspiration. !!!

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