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Did you know Dec. 15 is National Cupcake Day?

I've been so busy getting commisssions done for that other holiday I almost missed it!

Its been a cupcake week of sorts around here - on Tuesday I got a visit from a young man who works at the most delicious cupcake shop in RI - Sweet Indulgence. 
 Last month when I went on my 'marathon/keep calm and paint a cupcake' painting spree and just couldn't paint another grocery store cupcake, I found this shop.  This sweet, pink, dripping in confections shop.
 I got there just before they closed and bought a few to paint.  So happy about my find I almost blogged about the shop that very night - and made a note to do so in the future.  (side note: I searched the state for good cupcakes that day and was so dissapointed with everything until Sweet Indulgence.)

So this young man Joshua - whose mom I met at the RISD sale -came to buy one of my cupcake paintings to give to Kerri Cupcake - his boss at the shop.
 - Sweet right?  It gets better.

He brought me a box of cupcakes.  SO sweet. ( Mom, you did well) - and he is talented too,baking some of his own  - check out some of his own creations on his facebook page HERE

And don't miss the Sweet Indulgence blog - gorgeous photos and they are in the midst of a 12 days of giveaways. 
And stop by the shop too, I'm planning on picking up some treats this week. 
Happy Cupcake Day!

arist to watch - Rick Shiers

by Rick Shiers

New to the blogging scene but by No means a newbie painter!
Check out the work of a friend of mine from my RISD days: Rick Shiers.

A talented illustrator by trade he paints on the side and has posted them HERE

I especially love this still life - the monocromatic palette and the shiny objects  - just beautiful.
 It would look great in either a traditional or modern home.

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