Street Art

6x8" oil on masonite SOLD
Back to my 'scenes from our street' series. I love when kids make art. Last week I helped make scenery for the school play with about 68+ kids. It was alot of fun. Some of them even wanted to skip recess to keep painting...which would have been me. :) In fact, here is a picture of me in 6th grade working on some scenery!! some things never change

The Rock

6x6" oil on masonite sold
This is the rock I'll be looking at all summer. Today for a good hour or two, it was just me and the rock. So, if you are a Mom and an Artist, you know I had a good day. A rare day and I savored it. Really I'ld like to paint people schelping their stuff to the beach or people sleeping in beach chairs BUT since for a while I was the only one there, it had to be the rock. Plus, it would be a little rude to park my easle next to someone and start painting! Check out pictures of my spot by clicking on the Deb's Studio link to the right.

Sunnyside Up

6x6" oil on masonite

bright and cheery for the unofficial start of summer. I've discovered that these little flower paintings are very fun to paint. BUT I'm really itching to do more people paintings, next week after the kids are back in school and the house guests are gone I'll be back at it. have a good holiday.

Window Dog

6x8" oil on masonite sold
I have jars of flowers all over the place, this one was in my kitchen window for a while. These dogwood branches have been fantastic to paint and they lasted a long time. It was all about the negative space on this, I painted those first. Now if only I could get that "Doggie in the Window" song out of my head

Every which way

6x6" oil on masonite
I really seem to be on a flower kick....there are just so many! It is easiest for me right now to just go out, pick some, wipe inchworms off (another story) and plunk in a bottle or jar and get to it right in the kitchen with my coffee and music. Then I can clean up, and bring boys to dentist,or baseball or go help with scenery for the play etc etc. Basically be 3 places at once. April Showers brings May Flowers and lots of stuff to do for Moms of school aged kids!!

Orange Cream

6x8" oil on masonite panel
OK not totally back up and running but getting there. Check out my new 'links' list and I started another blog...Deb's Studio...which is where I'll post other things besides my daily paintings (like bigger works,stuff for shows,experiments etc) SO this blog will be just for my daily paintings since I have just become a member of the "Daily Painters"(see widget on right) and they take my post from here and post it in their gallery. :-) One of these days I'll get paypal up or start an auction ...gosh, sooo much to do... and summer vacation is looming! One of my favorite things about all this blogging is the sharing and community of artists out there- everywhere and yet in my kitchen everyday. How cool is that?? Havent had that since my RISD days. so thanks to all those artists out there who stop by share!!

Downward Dog

6x8" oil on masonite sold
this is my 51 st post! I have learned so much since starting this that I couldnt even begin to list them all. For starters I actually DO like to paint flowers. I really am a 'fresh flowers in a jar' kinda girl rather than an 'arrangement' type of person. Paint what you know and it works. To me this painting works.

Pom-poms to the Right

6x8" oil on masonite
Kerria Japonica,plentiflora
around here, this time of year the Azaleas hog the spotlight. This shrub is overlooked, I'm learning to really appreciate it. I love the double flowers that grow on arching airy branches. It is not picky about its soil and will bloom in FULL shade. -talk about a shot of color for a dark spot in your yard. You can also cut it to the ground after it blooms and it will come back next year....oops off topic...plant this plant, its really fun to paint.

Red Vans

6x8oil on masonite
speaking of scenes from MY life... I finished this, took it out to photograph, a gust of wind came and blew it face down in the dirt! dang. I Love this little painting...and the subject matter. (he'll be disapoinTED when he comes home and sees dirt all over his painting!!!)

Winter Dunes #2

8x10" oil on masonite
I did this back in February on a nice sunny day at Horseneck Beach in Westport, Mass. My french easel broke on this day and all my brushes fell in the sand. grrr. I'm working on a little commission that well, has me a little out of commission....I'll have a new daily soon.


5by7"oil on masonite This is from March but i havent posted it yet because I think it needs a good title. Any ideas?

Friday Flower

6x8" oil on masonite
As much as I love gardening, I hate painting flowers. SO, I will face this and paint flowers once a week. Flower Fridays. I will not however be facing my fear of heights with bungee jumping so fear not. This is a fully opened ranunculus I got at Whole Foods... which is a treasure trove of inspiration for paintings btw. This was also my warmup on friday before working on a commission.


6x8"oil on masonite

bananas are way fun to paint, in person I love this painting.


12by12" oil on masonite
this is a bit bigger than usual and a work in progress. When he was 3, I asked him what he wanted to plant in his garden. He replied "flowers, vegetables and cake" Now weeks away from being a teen its nice to know he still appreciates a good piece of cake.

Beach Chair

6x8" oil on masonite
another from the old photos. not everyone will 'get' these. I really like painting them, I can get lost in the image, imagine that day, that time. Stories form, my mind wanders, the paint becomes loose.... what oil painting is all about. And these look really good against my red family room walls :)

Ocean Beach

6x8" oil on masonite
OK, not your typical 'daily painting' and I know its breaking all sorts of 'rules' WE painters put on painting from photos, using black, and centering the subject etc. But I couldnt help it and I'm pretty sure the girl with the pipe appreciates a little rule breaking.
Years ago there was an artist who showed paintings like this on Nantucket except they were huge. I loved them. For me, a series of these has always been brewing. Combining so many things I love: painting, people watching, history, old photos, family and the beach. The handsome sailor is my husbands grandfather in 1923.

Security Blanket

6x8" oil on masonite SOLD
I'm spending a lot of time at Little League games lately and always have my camera with me. This Mom was watching her son pitch, it was a little chilly and her dog was a little nervous with the crowds and noise. People watching and painting is an irresistable combination.

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