Santa at the Beach, 101502

6x6" oil
Santa on the Beach
Crazy right?  I know, I know too soon put the pumpkin latte down for a second and look at your calender - That's right -Christmas is about 11 weeks away.
Now is the perfect time to commission an original painting so this is your friendly reminder.

Studio Peek

"Do This"  - just like yours, my to-do list is L O N G. 
Under this sign is where the sticky notes pile up - the commission notes and shipping details.  This spot makes me happiest when its dripping in sticky notes. 

the panels : they are getting prepped for paintings. 

this wood : I pulled this old weathered gray wood out of the bon fire pile at our beach last summer - it's just too cool to burn, don't you think??  I'm going to paint some little beach landscapes on these - stay tuned!!

Leaving Summer Behind - again

                                                               Leaving Summer Behind
                                                                          18 x 18 oil

Fall is here at last but it's still a little sad to be leaving summer behind again.

One of my favorites from a series of leaving the beach paintings I did a few years back.  I' ld love for this one to find a good home.   It comes with a frame even!

Happy October, fresh air friday

October.  Sweet October.  The trees get all the credit for this gorgeous month but for me it is all about the marshes.  The subtle color in those grasses, thats the stuff I love.
It's fresh air friday and even though its rainy, it is time to get out there and soak up color! 
Happy weekend, Happy October
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