Crayon Resist Snowflakes - teach art tuesday

Crayon resist - an old stand-by that never disappoints.  Little kids love this project every time.
These were done with my pre-K class of 4 year olds.
I had them trace a circle and after we looked at photos of snowflakes and talked about them a bit they had to draw their own.  They used light blue and gray crayons at first - this avoids the  "I can't see what I'm drawing" comments that are inevitable if you give them white. Trust me.
 When they were happy with their design we went over their lines with white crayon - rubbing down super hard.  (I find they draw so lightly and timidly sometimes. I am constantly trying to get them to make firm clear lines.  Why is that?  I blame markers.)
Next I let them loose with the water colors.  I had planned on them just using blue and purple but they had other ideas and that was fine with me. 

Wooden Sign


The Miller house is a busy house.  Lots of young people in and out, my husband and I and our two dogs.
Everyone walks them.
I made this little sign last week to leave on the counter.  Sometimes we take one dog or both and it was getting a little nerve racking to come home and find one or both of them gone. 
Cute right?  Super easy to make too - I just cut a piece of scrap wood with my chop saw and used eye hooks and picture wire for the handle.  Painted it white, distressed the edges and free handed the letters  - no stencils or measuring for me but you could if that is how you roll.

Cairne Terriers, dog painting, Debbie Miller

10x10x1" oil on panel.
Leftover from the Christmas rush of commissions.  I painted a couple for this collector and she chose the other one but this one is just as cute.

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