Where Do You Find Inspiration?

Today, my guys and I - and by 'guys' I mean my 2 dogs and husband- went for a long walk at the beach.
Just a beautiful winter beach walk, so much to love about it. So finding a heart rock today just seems like a little gift from Mother Nature or something. A special token to remember the slow delicious moments that are often taken for granted.

Last summer, at this same beach while walking and collecting sea glass a very elderly woman walked up to me and said "Here, you'll like this one too." She reached out and opened up her palm to reveal a lavender piece of sea glass the exact same shade of her long linen sundress.

Then she smiled and walked away.

This moment - this woman - this gift - has stuck with me. I think of her every time I am walking the beach.
When I find pieces of purple sea glass now, like today, I think "Is this another gift from her?" "Should I pass it on too?"

Now I'm finding myself wanting to paint with that shade of purple, and Ive got images in my head that are just waiting to come out on canvas among other things. That one moment of time has set inspiration into motion.

Where do you find inspiration? Share your story in the comments, I'd love to read them.

Oh and DON"T even get me started on that red sea glass!


Teresa Beyer - Fine Art said...

Today 02/25/11 I gallery sat with an artist today for several hours and no traffic. She is self taught, and shared the several ways she learned. We then walked the gallery with well over 150 pieces and critiqued them. I was so inspired by this personal time with such a talented artist.

Debbie Miller said...

bummer about the no traffic :( but being able to have such quality time with an artist you admire is priceless.
thanks for the story :)

Jeanette said...

Without a doubt my inspiration comes from the ocean. Where I live its not a soft sand beach but filled with large and small pebbles, washed by the sea. The fish that live in the sea provide me with the talent show for my gyotaku and I have had some unusual specimens!

I am 5 minutes literally from the ocean and it and what it produces is my constant inspiration. A river flows down through the valley to the ocean and that brings another element; high cliffs protect the cove, made of slate and red sandstone millions of years old; in summer capelin fling themselves on the beach to spawn and sometimes the sea puts shells and seafish on the beach for me as well as sea glass like yours, and I make endless drawings and paintings of them.

The rocks, the waves, the sea life, the vista...its endless inspiration for me.

Debbie Miller said...

Jeanette -thanks for your story -love it. what a wonderful place to live.
Your blog is beautiful too. I'm going to need more time to explore

pvindy said...

Unlike the blog friends that live by the ocean, I live in the Midwest and must seek my inspiration elsewhere. Lately, I have been walking in the Mall as the weather has been too bad to walk outside. My inspiration there has been taking pictures of some of the new style shoes that are available for us gals. I can't believe that anyone could possibly wear them but they are flying out the door. I intend to use the pictures to do something creative either with watercolor or acrylic.
I am planning a trip to the coast this next month. I will put all of these ideas in my memory and come back fully inspired.

SarahBowie said...

Paintings inspire my writing - not just how they look, but what they remind me of. Purple and red are especially inspiring to me! I love those pieces of your sea glass.

Debbie Miller said...

ooooh - shoes they are inspiring arent they?! they kindof have personalities like cupcakes i think.

And Sarah - I didnt know you are a writer! cool - now I have another something to read at night :)
and btw - your art collecting and how you share it is inspiring!

SarahBowie said...

Thanks, Debbie! And you are so right - cupcakes do have personalities.

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