Are You Coming? I'm "Leaving it All Behind"

24x24 oil on panel. "Leaving It All Behind"
OK - not Leaving ALL of it behind just some of it. The extra baggage.
You know the stuff, you've got it too.
--These past few weeks have been filled with long hours on the business side of art - actually all the computer time, doing research, the paperwork, workshops etc. is all PART of my art. One exists because of the other. They are a team.
--A lot of time has been spent thinking about what to do next, where to take my art, what avenues are worth pursuing ?
--This is where that old crappy baggage sneaks back in - the self doubt monster questioning my every move. I hate her.

--SO-- Ive decided to leave her behind and jump in with both feet and really go for it.
-- You coming?


Brenda Ferguson said...

I'm right there with you!

SarahBowie said...

I have done several blog posts about similar topics, but not enough - never enough - ALWAYS the baggage and the self doubt come in somewhere! Maybe the key is to include those past-history "deities" in at least a corner of the creation process.

suzannepaints said...

Yes! You are leaving it all behind! Love it. Your work is beautiful.

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