Daily Rituals

nfdp - I've been thinking about daily rituals and habits lately. Particularly how I can adjust mine at the studio to help me get into the task at hand - painting.
Right now my routine is pretty much : unlock the door, sign-in (I keep a sign-in sheet by the door and keep track of my hours) and turn on the light by the tea kettle.
I flick on the tea kettle then go light a candle on my table -
then I go over to plug in my twinkle lights around the window
then I go grab the tea and put on my painting shirt.  I do this every time I come in the studio.
It is my little routine or habit or whatever you want to call it (neurosis?)  What are your daily habits that you do when you hit the studio or need to start a creative process?
I found this page of Ben Franklin's routine - so interesting!


Tracey Mardon said...

So cool to hear about your daily rituals and the Ben Franklin Page. My days are very habitual as well.I think it's common to people who have to develop their own hours and motivation. Very different from when I was working for a company where we had a set arrival time and the day's tasks. Or maybe not so different but we impose our own. My habit starts at morning Yoga when the alarm goes and ends when I turn out the studio light.
Love the swimmer kids!

Christine Blain said...

Love your blog, Debbie! It's interesting to see your celebration of creativity everywhere - not just in your paintings!

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