Teach Art Tuesdays -Painting School Play Scenery with kids

Back when my boys were in elementary school I was the go-to artist/mom for school play scenery.
Once "they" know you are an artist, you get asked to do all sorts of school projects.  Sound familiar fellow artist/moms?

 I have 9 years of school play backdrops with my sons classes and now 6 years of kindergarten play scenery as an art teacher....that is 15 painted backdrops under my belt !  *phew*

My philosophy on this project has always been - the kids will paint it. 
Based on the play and what the teachers want, I come up with a drawing and guide groups of kids to paint the backdrop...each and every kid.  They love painting BIG and are so proud of the results.  It is A LOT of work keeping things and the kids from going crazy but so worth it. 

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