Every year I like to pick a word - just one - that is my "power word".  Sort of a one word mantra.
2015's word is FRESH.
 Fresh start, fresh art, fresh food, fresh air,  it's all good, etc. 
 My son says it all the time and it became the front runner when I started to think of words while making my goal list for the year.
 ( I may have to steal his hat.)
Notice I said "goal list" not resolutions.  Resolutions fail - goals and the STEPS it will take to attain them, now those are FRESH.  Last year I broke things down by quarter and wrote down my goals for each and exactly what I needed to do to make them happen.  This made a huge difference in my business.  I really do need a plan and get ready because this year I've got some pretty fresh goals.  Te-he.

First step - clearing off the studio bulletin board.  So what will your word be?

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Mary Sheehan Winn said...

thanks for the inspirational post :0

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