Monday, October 15, 2007

October Light,daily painting plein air at the beach

October Light sold
6x6" oil on masonite
sortof in a painting funk lately. Today, feeling a bit run down,and not wanting to paint at all, I decided to take my dog for a walk at one of my favorite painting spots and see if the mood strikes. A plein air at the beach on a gorgeous October day is surely a cure for the painting blues! The beach grasses that were all green a month or so ago, now are yellow,orange, sienna,ruby red and even lavender! My dog thinks this is definately how we should spend our days.
I cant decide which of these pictures captures the painting better so I am posting both until I decide.

1 comment:

Kelley MacDonald said...

I vote for the bottom one, it's more vibrant! Yes, painting through the 'funk' is a good way to blast it!