Digging the Beach

6x8" oil on masonite
Another oil painting of children at the beach. I just cant seem to stop. This one I really like because it is painterly and I like the colors. And its got one of those great shadows I just love to paint. Speaking of colors, my 'go-to' colors are naples yellow, cerulean blue,french ultra marine and cad red light. I paint with them most often. Maybe tomorrow I should try a different palette and subject matter, maybe not :-).
So what are your favorite colors to paint with? Maybe I'll get inspired to try something new.

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Kelley MacDonald said...

Love this one... and love your postcards, and the whole spirit of generosity that they imply!
My go-to colors are Sevres Blue, Rose, Ultra, Cad Yellow and Cad Red Light. Also loving Violet Blue these days!

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