Fledgling SOLD

6x6" oil on masonite sold

More from the street....This little guy was watching the bigger boys go back and forth on their skateboards. Standing on the edge of the street, he reminds me of a little bird about to take that first leap.
June already, I am hoping to paint alot over the next few weeks....my time alone is quickly ending. Soon it will be All boys All the Time. It'll be interesting to see how I fit painting in and what my muse will be. stay tuned.


Karen Appleton said...

Love both this and Street Art. Great work!

Liza Hirst said...

Hi Debbie,
have just discovered your paintings on the Daily Painters
Gallery and like them very much. Especially this one
attracted my attention for its calm yet interesting
composition and beautiful subtle colours.

Gerald Schwartz said...

Debbie Miller, very nice. great handling of light, good feeling of the composition.

Frances said...

Debbie, Your work is fabulous. Do you ever do painting workshops?

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