In the Weeds

6x6" oil on masonite
In the restaurant business there is a great expression for when it is sooo crazy busy. "In the Weeds" or "Weeded" I love that. Right now the weeds in my garden are getting enormous, life is busy with the boys out of school, trying to paint everyday, framing for the gallery and an upcoming street sale and all this computer stuff. I'm 'in the weeds' but its all good.
Thanks to everyone who checks out my little paintings everyday. Ive been to busy to respond to every comment or email but I appreciate them all. For those of you who have asked to purchase...Ive 'saved' the paintings for you and will have my PayPal up by tomorrow.
Whew. Tomorrow is the last day of June and I think I will complete my goal of posting everyday this month. I'll still be painting in July but I think I'll ease up a bit.

1 comment

Candy Barr said...

Love your flower series and nice light brush work Debbie! Hope you post the street fair set up...sounds fun.

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