Snowy Owl #1 - 30/30 challenge, Debbie Miller

6"x6" oil on wood panel
Happy New Year Everyone!

Jumping right into things here.  The goals are set - complete with deadlines - because without a deadline, goals just float around in the abyss mocking me with their elusiveness.   Must. Make. Deadlines.

Helping me out with the goals of "regular studio hours", "painting ALOT if not daily" "exploring ideas that have been stewing"  ...I decided to join up with Leslie Saeta and tackle 30 paintings in 30 days.  No Biggie, right? I've done it before - just not lately.

Subject matter - birds.  The bird thing has been brewing for a while - more on this later - So this seems like a good time to explore.  These 30/30 paintings will be little and available through me - not my usual gallery stuff, although don't worry I'll be posting those here too.  I'm starting off with oils but other media will be popping up too.  

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If you want to see who else is doing the 30/30 challenge go HERE


Cindy D. said...

Lovely owl and night sky!

Mermaid Sue said...

Love the snowy owl! How funny that that's the same thing on my board for tomorrow! Just saw one on the beach a few days ago.

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